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ARCC Electric Conversion For The Brompton T-Line - AT4


The ARCC Converted Brompton AT4 comes with the following as standard:


  • ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod System
    • ARCC Aikema 36V/250W DC Brushless Front Hub Motor
    • Launch Control
    • Hill assist (Inclinometer)
    • Multiple Assist Modes (Seven)
    • Manual and Automatic
    • Limited to 15.5mph/25kmh
    • Can be ridden without the battery
  • 4Ah Bosch 36v Battery (up to 35km)
  • Bosch GAL3860 CV fast charger (35mins full charge time 4Ah)
  • Neoprene Battery cover
  • Brake Switch front and rear (Including Four CNC Machined Black Anodised Ferrules)
  • ARCC Intelligent drive pod CNC Machined Black Anodised
  • ARCC Bluetooth CNC Machined Remote Controller Anodised (4 colour options available) inc. micro-USB-C cable
  • ARCC Control Cradle CNC Machined Black Anodised
  • NCTE Torque and Cadence sensor bottom bracket (Square Taper)
  • 4 Speed Gearing
  • Spoke Reflectors
  • Mid Handlebars
  • ARCC Custom Titanium Forks - 5-year warranty
  • Schwalbe Marathon Racer folding Tyre (Tan Wall)
  • Two Custom Red Spokes
  • iOS App compatible (Free App)
  • 5-year warranty on the electric system
  • 3-year Bosch battery warranty
  • Free 1st service (If booked within 8-weeks)




  • ARCC Bluetooth Controller: Black, Red, Blue, or Silver
  • Battery: Upgrade to 6Ah Bosch Battery +£155
  • ARCC Spare battery Holder CNC Machined – Black and Red Anodised (£125)
  • ARCC Brompton Bottle/Spare battery holder straps (£35)
  • ARCC Bag Conversion Kit (£150)


Weighing 3.3 kg less than Brompton’s electric P-Line, our AT4 redefines what it means to be a lightweight ebike, creating a premium electric T-Line, something even Brompton have not been able to achieve.

The system uses standard Bosch professional power tool batteries making it simple to expand range, replace or upgrade.


The Lightest Premium ARCC Converted Brompton Bike


As well as providing smoother and more progressive power delivery for confidence inspiring, wobble-free electronic assistance, our Intelligent Drive Pod system fitted to the T-Line enables us to offer the most sophisticated electric T-Line on the market.


Making use of the smart tech inside our system, your T-Line has never felt so nimble!


It can be fully folded with the battery still attached and can be optionally used with most Brompton bags.


Converting Brompton’s lightest folding bike to an ebike

Our converted T-Line - AT4 starts life as an original Brompton T-Line full titanium frame bike.


We carefully convert it to an e-bike at our Cambridge factory; adding a motor to the front wheel, a bottom-bracket torque and cadence sensor, our Intelligent Drive Pod system, and a standard Bosch professional power tool battery, collectively weighing 3.9kg, which allows us to achieve a weight of just 12.3kg – 3.3kg lighter than Brompton’s lightest electric bike offering. On the AT4, we have replaced the front forks with Titanium forks – perfectly matching them to your bike frame.


Each bike is inspected and tested before it leaves our factory, and we are happy to offer a 5-year warranty on the drive system and forks.


You save significantly more weight switching to the ARCC Intelligent Pod Drive system and we are proud to say our AT4 is the lightest comprehensive electric Brompton e-bike available.


“Smoothest performing and highest quality electric Brompton”

Read the review here:


As light as you need it to be.

The ARCC Intelligent Drive system is compatible with standard Bosch professional power tool batteries which are available in three sizes.


  • 4Ah – Perfect for a work commute or a dash across a city centre – providing up to 22miles of range and charging fully within 35 Minutes.


  • 6Ah – Great for longer rides and weekend trips – providing up to 34 miles range and fully charges in 55 minutes.


  • 9Ah – With a range of up to 50 miles, the 9Ah battery is tailored for long-distance cycling, it is a reliable choice for those that want to go the extra miles!


Alternatively, for longer journeys, you can simply take an extra 4Ah/6Ah battery with you.

Replacement/additional batteries can be bought from most hardware shops, from us or online shopping.

    ARCC Converted Brompton AT4 - 12.3 kg

    VAT Included |
    ARCC Control Colour
    • e-bike Classification:

      • Pedelec (road-legal)


      • Bafang/ Aikema: Brushless 250W 36V DC front wheel drive.
      • IP Rating: 65.


      • Bosch Li-ion 36V 4Ah (144 Wh).
      • Bosch Li-ion 36V 6Ah (216 Wh) optional.
      • Bosch Li-ion 36V 9Ah (324 Wh) optional.

      Mains Charger

      • Bosch GAL3860 CV fast charger.

      Battery Charge Time

      • 4Ah: 25mins to 80%, 35mins to 100%
      • 6Ah: 35mins to 80%, 55mins to 100%
      • 9Ah: 55mins to 80%, 90mins to 100%

      Control Pod

      • CNC-machined Peraluman 470 aluminium grade 5083/AlMg 4.5Mn. Black anodised finish.

      Control Pod USB Interfaces

      • 1 x USBC 2.0 charging/data port 5V, 1500mA.
      • 1 x USBC 2.0 charging/data port 5V, 500mA.
      • 1 x USBC 2.0 charging port 5V, 500mA.

      Bottom Bracket

      • NCTE torque and cadence sensor (square taper)

      Brake Switch

      • Safety cut-off switches, front and rear.

      Assisted Range

      • 4Ah up to 35km depending on riding style.
      • 6Ah up to 52km depending on riding style.
      • 9Ah up to72km depending on riding style.

      Maximum Assisted Speed

      • Power assist is limited to 15.5mph/25kmh

      System Weight

      • 2.6kg system only
      • 3.9kg incl. 4Ah or 6Ah Bosch 36v battery.

      Assistance Remote Controller

      • ARCC Bluetooth remote Controller (Handlebar mounted) CNC-machined.
      • iOS app compatible (Free APP)

      System Status Indicators

      • 2 x tri-colour LED’s.

      Spare Battery Holder

      • Optional spare battery holder - CNC Machined Peraluman 470 aluminium grade 5083/AlMg 4.5Mn anodised Black/Red.
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