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Why Opt for the ARCC System?

The ARCC Intelligent Drive System stands out as a top-tier choice for electric bike enthusiasts for a multitude of compelling reasons. Boasting an ultra-lightweight design, this system has been meticulously designed and developed over 12 years of expertise, ensuring a cutting-edge and reliable solution for cyclists. Designed and manufactured in Cambridge UK, the system offers high-quality performance and is marked by its reliability, making it a trustworthy companion for every ride. The system features Bosch Professional Power Tool batteries which are easily removed and replaced, allowing for seamless power management. The ARCC system has been designed and engineered to ensure a seamless integration with your bike, courtesy of the specialists at our Cambridge site. Notably, the system can be ridden without the battery, providing flexibility for various riding scenarios. Precision is at the forefront, contributing to a superior riding experience and seamlessly integrated with your chosen bike.


Key Functions and Attributes 

  • Efficient 35-minute charging time

  • Impressive range of up to 52km

  • Speed limited to 15.5mph/25kph

  • CNC machined and anodised aluminium components 

  • NCTE Torque and cadence sensing

  • Launch control, inclinometer/hill detection system

  • 7 assist levels 

  • Multiple modes

  • Manual/Auto

  • ARCC handlebar mounted Bluetooth remote controller. 

  • 250-watt 36V DC brushless motor

  • Bosch 4Ah battery as standard

  • Bosch 6Ah battery optional

  • Bosch 9Ah battery optional

  • Spare battery holder to double you range potential 

  • iOS iPhone compatible App (free download)

  • ARCC Blue-Tooth handlebar mounted wireless remote controller

  • 5 year ARCC system warranty 

  • 3 year Bosch battery warranty

  • Control Pod indicator LED’s – battery charge level, launch control, launch control status, assist, fault detection

  • Bluetooth wireless remote controller indicator LED’s - Bluetooth connection, assist level, battery low/charging, Bluetooth connectivity status, Auto mode, Manual mode

Why choose the ARCC System
Why choose the ARCC System


Lightweight technology


Full charging


Why choose the ARCC System


Max riding distance

Why choose the ARCC System


Warranty included

Why choose the ARCC System


are used

Why choose the ARCC System


First Bike


Our mission

Our mission is to create the most sophisticated electric bike conversion system on the market, specifically designed for iconic British bikes such as the Moulton TSR and Brompton

Who we are

ARCC Innovations is a British-owned company located within our state-of-the-art research and development center in Cambridge. We have a team of specialists who work diligently, designing and manufacturing to the highest standards, from the initial design concept to the final product.

What we do

Our specialty lies in our sophisticated lightweight electric conversion system, which is compatible with iconic brands, including our own bike range. Each component is meticulously engineered and subjected to rigorous testing to ensure the utmost quality and peak performance.

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