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ARCC Electric Conversion for Brompton | Electric Brompton | UK-Made

The ARCC Intelligent Drive System is available for the iconic British manufactured Brompton folding bike and can be fitted to all current and older Brompton folding bicycles, and is compatible most Brompton bags.

The Intelligent Drive System has been designed by ARCC to provide unique intelligent bike power. It combines variable power levels with automatic hill/gradient compensation which allows commuting cyclists to choose the amount of effort both they and the motor provides; automatically compensates for hills and gradients; and provides ‘launch control’, for safety when moving away from lights and crossings in heavy traffic.

The ARCC Intelligent Drive System uses an industry standard 4.0 Ah or 6.0 Ah Bosch battery, which are readily available from stores and online and have a range of up to 55km dependant on the battery used. When the battery is removed, the e-bike reverts to its standard configuration and can be used as a regular bike.

The Brompton equipped with the Intelligent Drive Pod is ideal for commuting or on road riding, delivering a well-tuned, responsive ride every time. If you have a Brompton you would like to upgrade to electric, get in touch and our experts will retrofit the ARCC Intelligent Drive System to your bike at our Cambridgeshire headquarters.

As well as a 5-year warranty on the ARCC Intelligent Drive System, we will also honour the remainder of the warranty on your existing Brompton. If you wish to purchase the complete bike through ARCC, please contact us.

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