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Touring with electric Moulton TSRs

Having bought ARCC Electric Moulton TSR bikes in spring 2022, Meryl and Clive spent the summer exploring Normandy and North Wales with their new e-bikes.

We were delighted to hear how the bikes had been tackling the hills!

They write:

'With 2 batteries, the range easily reached 70 miles a day. It is a very comfy ride!"

"We love it! Thank you, especially to Roger who was super-knowledgeable and helpful when we were considering our purchase form ARCC."

The couple are now looking further afield for some higher climbs - potentially the Pyrenees!


Burgundy Moulton TSR 11, retrofitted with the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod system.

Find out more about converting your Moulton TSR here!

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