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"The best high quality conversion" [Review: ARCC Electric Conversion for Bromptons]

ARCC Converted Brompton

I have always been a fan of folding bikes, and the Brompton is the best.

Twenty years ago my GP, a mountain biker in his spare time, told me “I am determined to keep you on your bike”. Several bikes later, now that I am 80 years old and weigh 80 kgs I am still riding thanks to the ARCC Electrical Conversion for Brompton bikes.

I have owned, over the years, a Birdy, a Bickerton, a Fold-it, a Dawes Kingpin and 6 Bromptons; all had their merits, but the Brompton won on on every count. Folders are bound to be a compromise; the Brompton, with electric assist, is the top folder for me.

There are numerous electric conversions available for the Brompton. Before choosing the ARCC conversion I had test-ridden the Brompton Electric, the Brompton Brazen conversion and the Nano Brompton. 

Back in 2018 I first heard of the ARCC conversion from a cycling friend who has the ARCC Moulton conversion. I rode the Moulton, and since I had a Brompton M6R I went on a four-train trip from Cromford in Derbyshire Dales to Cambridge to have a test ride on the ARCC electrically converted Brompton. It was just great, excellent design, and fine engineering. A great leap forward for someone who is a keen cyclist now with a dodgy knee.

Being met at Whittlesford Parkway Station and taken to the ARCC campus was the start of a great day out. The team at ARCC were well informed, helpful and friendly. After sales support has been exceptional and I recommend anyone wanting an electric Brompton, or wanting to motorise their own Brompton, to go to ARCC for the best high quality conversion.

ARCC Converted Brompton

As you can see from the photos I live in the Derbyshire Dales, which unlike Cambridge, is very hilly. The Brompton climbs with gusto, from my home I can climb to the summit of Alport Height, a climb of 531 ft with ease – not even out of breath.

ARCC Converted Brompton

Just a couple miles away from my home in Wirksworth is Carsington Pasture Wind Farm. As I ride past the turbines my ARCC electrically converted Brompton is truly green. It is nice to realise that power from the wind farm runs m Brompton since I buy my power from Good Energy, a green provider.


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