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The ARCC Electrically Converted Brompton: The Ultimate Commuter Bike

At 45 years old, the Brompton design remains as iconic as ever. From its humble beginnings in the West London flat of its inventor, Andrew Ritchie, Brompton is now a world-renowned marque with thousands of avid riders and a wide range of models to choose from.

As the world’s first commercially successful folding bike, the Brompton’s precise engineering has stood the test of time. With its hinged frame and sixteen-inch wheels, the Brompton has an ultra-compact folded size, allowing it to be easily stored in luggage racks and carried by hand. Its small wheels, which have low drag and inertia, coupled to the Brompton’s special gearing and rubber block suspension, give the bike great acceleration and ride stability.

Remarkably durable whilst remaining very light, the Brompton’s steel frame is hand brazed by individual craftsmen. Its modular components, allowing for easy maintenance, also provide superior rigidity and its low step-over height allows it to be mounted effortlessly.

A staple of British style and multimodal transport, the Brompton is hugely popular with commuters, as well as amongst long-haul travellers. The versatile frame accommodates a range of luggage cases that make this a great touring bike too.

At ARCC Bikes, the Brompton design is enhanced with the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod. Without infringing on the folding mechanism, the pod adds state-of-the-art motor and ride technology, and fits sturdily and discretely to the Brompton.

The pod equips the folding bike with several innovative features. This includes a highly sensitive torque pedal sensor, which allows for far more responsive power control than the usual-cadence driven system, as well as an inclinometer/accelerometer which can almost instantaneously detect gradient changes and adjust motor output accordingly. This means riding up a hill gives the sensation of riding on a flat stretch, allowing you to commute to work from almost any distance without breaking a sweat.

The pod also comes with a launch control function, which provides three seconds of maximum acceleration when moving away from lights and crossings in heavy traffic. It also features unique Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for wireless control of the system’s power levels via the handlebar-mounted controller.

The pod does not compromise the Brompton’s lightweight design, only adding 3.9kg, and its low positioning on the front forks maintains the folded bike’s wieldiness. The system is also compatible with most Brompton bags; with the Bosch battery being stored within the luggage case and connected to the pod via a special adapter. The bag can be easily removed, with battery inside, when the ARCC electrically converted Brompton is folded and in transit.  Extra batteries for longer trips can also be stored in your Brompton bag.

With a five-year warranty from ARCC, the pod system is constantly regulated by a committed team of technicians. Your current Brompton can be fitted with the Intelligent Drive Pod and the remaining warranty on the bike will be honoured by ARCC Bikes.

To experience the pod for yourself, visit our web-site to arrange a test ride, book your conversion or order a new ARCC electrical Brompton today.

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