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Cycling Electric Reviews the ARCC Rosemont Electric

ARCC Bikes is very pleased to have appeared in the third edition of Cyclist magazine's eBike supplement, Cycling Electric, in their review of the ARCC Rosemont Electric.

You can pick up Cycling Electric #3 in WHSmiths, Sainsbury's and other key independent retailers now, but check out what Cycling Electric had to say about ARCC's bike below:

ARCC Rosemont

Some eBike manufacturers have gone the extra mile to tailor their components and geometry to female riders for extra comfort.


  • Silent drivetrain with low maintenance

  • Easily removable battery helps to deter thieves


  • The weight distribution of a battery placed high up may throw some off


  • Stated weight: From 18.4kg

  • Frame material: Reynolds 631 steel tubing

  • Motor: Intelligent Drive Pod, 250W front hub motor

  • Battery: Bosch lithium ion (4.0Ah or 6.0Ah)

  • Stated range: 30-40km, depending on battery

  • Gearing: Gates Carbon Drive with Shimano Alfine gearhub (8 or 11-speed), Rohloff (costs extra)

  • Saddle: Brooks C19

  • Wheels: 650b

  • Tyres: 650b x 38

A classy design, a comfortable riding position, and a removable battery for simplicity and security - the Rosemont is a real winner.

Designed and engineered at ARCC's Cambridgeshire headquarters, the highly customisable Rosemont is a bike built for comfort.

The first thing you may notice is that the battery is housed externally, on a head tube-mounted bracket; energy trickles down from here to a front hub motor via waterproof cabling. That's no big deal in performance terms - it will function much the same as an integrated battery would - but the weight distribution may feel slightly different, though perhaps no more so than carrying a few items in a front-mounted basket.

The battery is easily removed from the bracket, which not only makes it easy to charge, but also means you can remove on the most valuable elements should be concerned about thieves taking a shine to the bike.

Take a shine they may too, because the Rosemont is a real looker with its swept back-handlebar that promotes a comfortable eyes-above-the-traffic riding position, as well as the generous speccing of a C19 saddle from fellow British brand Brooks.

When riding you'll hear only the sound of silence from the machine beneath you, thanks to the maintenance-free Carbon Drive belt from Gates. That links up with a hub gear at the rear, adding to the bike's range, and this is one of a few items on the spec sheet that comes upgradable at the checkout. You have the option of either a Shimano Alfine 8-speed or 11-speed gear hub - or if you are after the top spec, a Rohloff 14-speed gear hub is an optional extra (for a price). Likewise, you are able to buy a spare battery bracket should you wish to double up on juice ahead of a big ride, though the standard Bosch battery option (4.0Ah) is good for 30km on a single charge.

Finally, for those keen to personalise their Rosemont, there's a choice of eight base frame colours - including Reed Green and Pearl Gentian Blue - with the option to go custom (again at an extra charge).

Cycling Electric Issue 3 is out now for purchase.

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