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Customer Review - ARCC Moulton® TSR Electric

ARCC Converted Moulton TSR

Clare and I have been riding our e-Moultons for around 3 years and are still loving them.

While we have a number of cycles, we use the Moultons when we're tired, need to get somewhere far away real quick and, to be honest, when we should be riding a standard cycle, just for the fun, for the constant tailwind feeling.

It's surprising good off-road when cycle touring too with the Moulton unique front suspension system to roll over gravel, roots and grass. [Edit from ARCC Bikes - Moulton bikes have unique front and rear suspension!]

We get a decent range especially on low-ish power. And the A+ hill boost system is amazing and enables us to save power on the flat and get a boost up hills!

Also we had a great service from ARCC when we had a couple of minor issues; good telephone advice and they changed a battery when it conked out.

So, if you can afford it, well worth every penny!

ARCC Converted Moulton TSR


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