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Customer Review - ARCC Moulton® TSR

It was in November 1962 that Dr Alex Moulton launched his Moulton bicycle at the Earls Court Cycle and Motor Cycle Show and it was there that the public were introduced to a radical new bicycle, the Moulton.

It was the first true full suspension bike that you could actually buy, you could buy it and ride it to work, the shops, go on tour with it on it or race it.

Moultons are the small wheel bike that were cleverly designed to take on its big wheel cousins, and soon after the launch of the bike, racing cyclist John Woodburn smashed the Cardiff to London place to place record.

The attempt took place in December and it took him under seven hours to cover the 162 miles, and that took place before the Severn bridge was built, reaching 50 miles per hour descending into High Wycombe. try that on any other small wheeled bike.

Most models came with mudguards, straight handlebars, hub gears, a rear luggage rack, with provision to fit a front rack as well. Riders found that when fully loaded, Moultons were extremely stable and this was due to the small wheels which gave the bike a lower centre of gravity, something that couldn't be matched with a big wheel bike.

Over the years I have owned numerous Moultons, Series 1, 2 and 3 and a space frame eight speed TSR. I used the on and off road, way before mountain bikes had been invented, just to see what they were capable of.

There were occasions when I needed to take one of my Moultons in the bike in the car, and yes it did literally did fit across the back seat of our Mini, and no it wasn't a Stowaway model, it just required taking a hacksaw to the rear tail tube which made it more compact.

My wife Christine discovered a Moulton was the ideal bike for work, which required her travel to several locations  around the town everyday.

There came a point a few years ago that we both decided that we would treat ourselves to a bespoke Moulton each, ones that would be built with the components that we wanted fitted.

This was the point where ARCC Innovations entered the scene, first a phone call then a visit to their Cambridge location, where Roger Phillips listened to our requirements and we discussed the options.

"Can you build us two Moulton TSR's, one with drop handlebars and the other with straight bars"    "Yes"

"One in white and the other in midnight blue"    "Yes"

"With black components throughout, including the spokes"      "Yes"

"With single ring chainsets and wide ratio 11-40 cassettes"   "Yes"

"With carbon seatposts"  "Yes" 

As a result by the end of 2018 we both took delivery of two bespoke Moultons, we are well pleased with them both, ask anyone who rides a Moulton and they will tell you that it's the smooth ride that makes them different to any other bike on the market.

If you require a bespoke Moulton built to your requirements, then ARCC Innovations are well worth a visit, we have certainly been pleased with the results and would recommend them.

ARCC are a well respected company in also supplying electric versions of Moultons, Bromptons, as well and their own Abington and Rosemont bikes. 

As a footnote, I'm just waiting to see a Moulton with front and rear disc brakes, fitted out with a Rohloff rear hub gear or the new Campag 13 speed group set, now that would make an ideal full suspension gravel bike.

Does anyone know why Moulton call them TSR's?


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