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ARCC Abington listed in Velorution's Best Bikes with Gates Carbon Belt Drive

Velorution, Central London's go-to for urban cycling, has recently conducted a deep-dive into the innovative Gates Carbon Belt Drive - the low-maintenance, ultra-durable alternative to chains.

This system is paired to only a select few bikes, and ARCC Bikes was pleased to see that Velorution has mentioned our Abington town bike in its shortlist of Gates-compatible bicycles.

You can see what Velorution had to say below or over on their website.

Break Free of the Chain

It's easy to be drawn to a bike with Gates Carbon Belt Drive. Maybe it's the promise of many maintenance-free miles ahead or even something as simple as the belt's clean, oil-free drive. It could be the clean lines of the bike or the fact that Gates belts are often quieter to ride than a traditional chain.

As a specialist in urban bikes, whether that be electric or non-electric we've long been a proponent of Gates so thought it would be worth putting together a list of some of our favourite bikes. At the time of writing, bikes like this are very hard to come by so if you spot one in stock, we'd suggest you don't hang around!

Before tucking into our list, take a deeper-dive into Gates Carbon Belt Drive with: An Absolute Belter an explainer on why and how you can break free of the traditional bike chain.

ARCC Abington Urban Bike

Available in a whole host of colours and other various builds, the steel-framed Abington from ARCC is hand brazed in Blighty before being built up with Gates parts. A dependable, well-thought-through bike on its own, ARCC's pièce de résistance is its retrofit electric bike system. Purchased separately, or as a complete package, the ARCC system weighs under 3kg and uses widely available batteries for easy charging. Take a closer look at the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod if you wish. ARCC finish the Abington off with a comfortable Brooks saddle and Schwalbe Marathon tyres.

Best for: Promoting British manufacturing and ingenuity

ARCC Abington Urban Bike. RRP: £1499

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