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"A very natural feel to the ride" [Review: ARCC Conversion for Brompton]

My partner and I live in Cumbria, a place of many steep hills. We had both bought Brompton six speeds mainly for easy transportation for trips out in the car whilst we used our e-bikes for local use. But having found the Bromptons more enjoyable to use my thoughts turned to converting them. After a lot of research and considering selling my partners to buy the Brompton ebike, it was not going to cost much more to use the ARCC conversion. I was attracted to ARCC partly due to reviews describing it as the “Rolls Royce” of e-bikes, but mainly down the the standard of engineering and innovation that it offered together with the use of easily obtainable commercial Bosch batteries.

The company were very helpful in arranging for the bike to be couriered down to them, the conversion took less than a week and I was kept informed at each stage. 

The quality of the kit is very impressive, in particular the Bluetooth handlebar controller which is a work of art in its machined case and secure magnetic bracket. Whilst the front forks have been spread a little to accept the motor, the bike still folds as it should.

The bike performs well at all levels of assistance with minimal drag from the motor and it tackles some very steep hills with aplomb, in fact better than our standard mid range e-bikes which is probably down to less weight. The Auto mode in particular gives a very natural feel to the ride which I wasn’t really expecting with a front wheel hub motor but it works well in conjunction with the six speed Brompton gears. 

As most of our rides are only up to 10 miles I can’t really comment on the range but I’d expect to achieve the range quoted for the smaller battery we had initially opted for.

If I have a negative it’s that there’s a buzz from the controller at higher speeds which I think is due to harmonics from the motor.


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