New Product Launch: The ARCC Electric Brompton Spare Battery Holder

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New Product Launch: The ARCC Electric Brompton Spare Battery Holder

The state-of-the-art facilities available to ARCC Bikes allow us to readily conceptualize, machine and produce components that improve our premium products - our latest innovation expands our range of in-house produced accessories. Introducing the ARCC Electric Brompton Spare Battery Holder.

After surveying our current Brompton customers and those thinking of retrofitting their beloved Bromptons, the prospect of a spare battery holder was an exciting one, and so our design team set their sights on making it a reality.

Using our current CNC-machined spare battery holder (available on the Moulton, Abington, and Rosemont) as a reference point, the engineers used CAD modelling to design a SLS-printed bracket that would allow a Bosch battery to fit on the Brompton’s tube, without infringing on the fold or impacting the comfort of the rider.

Following a rigorous testing period, we are pleased to announce that the ARCC Electric Brompton Spare Battery Holder is now available from our web shop. Customers can choose to fit a spare battery holder as part of the retrofit process, while existing ARCC Electric Brompton owners can order a fitting for their electric bike.

Alongside the ARCC Electric Brompton bag conversion, the ARCC Brompton Spare Battery Holder enhances the folding electric bike’s range. Allowing the rider to carry two batteries on their bike, when used in conjunction with the ARCC Electric Brompton Bag conversion, the potential range of the bike is massively increased, upgrading the ARCC Electric Brompton to an out-and-out touring bike.

The set consists of an adapter and spare battery holder, meaning the holder can be removed to allow for a bottle cage to be fitted if preferred - the adapter can also be purchased separately (bottle cage not included).

Convert your Brompton and choose an ARCC Electric Brompton Spare Battery Holder at checkout or buy one for your ARCC Electric Brompton today. 

Be sure to watch this space for more exciting product launches on the horizon.

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