Intelligent Drive Pod Review

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Intelligent Drive Pod Review

Verdict: Sophisticated high-tech take on electrifying one of the world’s favourite folding bikes.


Overall - 4 stars
Build quality - 5 stars
Performance - 4 stars
Value for money - 3 stars
  • Impressive and thoughtfully applied high tech approach
  • Zippy and lightweight motor
  • 5 year warranty on pod system
  • Pricey for a system-only purchase
Buy if: You want the most advanced electrically assisted Brompton out there – and you can afford it.

Back in 2016 I visited the ARCC Innovations design and manufacturing site in Cambridge and was impressed with the array of CNC machines, 3D printers and skilled bike building facilities that had been put together to produce a new electric assist kit, the e²-pod.  

At the time they had not launched their Brompton specific system so I was excited to loan their latest iteration of the kit for the UK manufactured small-wheeled folder that seems to go from strength to strength – not least as the e²-pod is one of the very few eBike conversion systems to feature Bluetooth wireless power level control. 

ARCC e-Brompton -10.jpg


The ARCC pod system is made up of a very small and neat looking 250W geared front hub motor and a solid looking aluminium ‘pod’ (wiring nexus and battery mount) clamped securely on to the head tube which communicates wirelessly with the handlebar-mounted Bluetooth controller (or an iPhone with appropriate app if preferred). Also feeding into the pod are the cables from a bottom bracket torque sensor and brake lever sensors. 

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