"Charges quickly and has been completely reliable" [Review: ARCC Electric Conversion for Bromptons]

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"Charges quickly and has been completely reliable" [Review: ARCC Electric Conversion for Bromptons]

"I have had a Brompton bike since 2014, and love their versatility and compact size. When the electric Brompton was launched I was very interested, as my legs were getting older and more tired, but I wanted to carry on cycling for work, shopping and leisure. I researched the alternatives carefully, and tried out different systems, including the Brompton electric. I was put off by the price of the Brompton electric, and also the newness of the product, which seemed to have some initial teething problems.  

I came across ARCC through one of my internet searches, and was intrigued enough to contact them. I went to North London to test ride a bike, and then to Cambridge to visit the workshop where the system was developed, and is now made and fitted.  

I chose the ARCC system because it was the closest to Brompton’s own system, and also it meant that I could keep my own Brompton, of which I am very fond.

I have used my Brompton very regularly, and it has performed brilliantly, particularly when going up hills. It has enabled me to keep cycling as I get older, and I have cycled longer distances. It got a lot of use in the recent lockdown, too. 

It charges quickly, and has been completely reliable so far. I would not hesitate to take it back to ARCC if I had a problem, as I know they would be really helpful. 

If you are thinking of an electric bike then definitely arrange for some test rides as this demonstrates the high quality and fun of the ride.  

ARCC appealed to me because they are a British Company with a specialist interest in engineering, and have an innovative and creative approach to their products."




  • Sarah Davies

    I have 6 gears on my Brompton, but tend to only use the top ones with the ARCC assist. I have a 36v battery. I tend to use level 3 of assistance, there are 6 levels in all. This gives me a range of about 20 miles reliably- and charging is relatively quick. It is really good on hills! Definitely worth a test drive!

  • Chris Morison

    Many thanks for your helpful notes on your Brompton/ARCC experience. Could you let me know what gearing system you have on your Brompton, what ARCC battery size you had fitted and what range you are getting; especially on Brighton’s hills. I have currently borrowed our son’s 3 speed Brompton and am moving from Derbyshire hills, where the 3 speed is a struggle, to Edinburgh hills – hence the interest. Many thanks for anything you can tell me. Rgds Chris

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