Nickel Edition Brompton with e²-pod

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This stunning bike is the most premium in the Brompton range with a beautiful nickel finish on the main frame. This, paired with the e²-pod intelligent power system, makes for a unique electric Brompton that stands out from the crowd.


  • S type handlebars
  • 2 speed gear
  • Nickel plating 
  • All steel with black extremities 

Nickel plating

The highly polished electrolysis nickel plating creates exceptional anti-corrosion resistance, normally reserved for mining equipment. Minor variations to the finish appear on each bike, ensuring that the final look is incredibly unique.


Edition: Nickel Edition

Handlebar type: S type (925mm)

Rear frame: L type (mudguards)

Gears: 2 speed

Gear Ratio: Standard

Frame Material: Steel

Main Frame Colours: Nickel

Extremities Colour: Black

Saddle: Brompton Standard

Seatpost: Standard

Lighting: Reflectors only

Weight with e²-pod: 14.9 kg approx.

Please note that the photographs and illustrations used may contain equipment or optional accessories that are not part of the standard item on sale. Any colour deviations are due to technical factors.