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The ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod is available for the classic Moulton® TSR bike.

The Intelligent Drive Pod has been designed by ARCC to provide unique intelligent bike power. It combines variable power levels with automatic hill/gradient compensation which allows commuting cyclists to choose the amount of effort both they and the motor provides; automatically compensates for hills and gradients; and provides ‘launch control’, for safety when moving away from lights and crossings in heavy traffic.

The system uses an industry standard 4.0 Ah, 6.0 Ah or 9.0 Ah Bosch battery which is readily available from stores and online and has a range of up to 75km dependant on the battery used. When the battery is removed, the eBike reverts to its standard configuration and can be used as a regular bike.

The Moulton® TSR equipped with the pod is ideal for commuting or on road riding, delivering a well-tuned, responsive ride every time.

If you have a Moulton® TSR you would like to upgrade with the pod, get in touch and our experts will retrofit the Intelligent Drive Pod to your bike at our Cambridgeshire headquarters. 

If you wish to purchase the complete bike through ARCC, please use our bike builder to make your own bespoke bike.

We offer a 5-year warranty on the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod and any complete ARCC Moulton® TSR Electric bikes purchased through ARCC Bikes.

Retrofit process

What's Included?

Intelligent pod

4.0Ah Bosch battery

Battery cover

Spare battery holder

Bosch battery charger

Bluetooth controller

Bluetooth controller cradle

Charging cable

5 year warranty on electric system

Upgrades / Extras

 6.0Ah Bosch battery

Pod lock

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Delivery typically takes 3-5 days.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Customer Review

I have been a fan of Moulton bikes ever since my Dad bought an F-frame type Standard model in the 60s at the local bike shop which was selling off old stock...Fast forward to 2017 when I saw ARCC at one of the national bike shows; the Moulton had effectively been retired by then as we had first moved to mountain bikes and then road bikes. It became clear that the Moulton could have second life.
I was able to complete several trips of 15 – 20miles over the next 2 months covering some 250 miles. Despite what some think - where is the fitness element? Simple, I was soon on pace and often rode the bike to the limit and above where the motor assistance kicks out at around 15mph!!
One of the benefits of the conversion is it uses proprietary Bosch batteries. On the rides described I usually had to swap my 6Ah battery at 18 miles and complete the journey on a 4Ah which I carried as spare in my back pack. The ARCC conversion had another advantage; I was able share these batteries with a number of Bosch garden and power tools I had.
I found ARCC staff most helpful and followed recommendations they made. For instance a change to Avid V brakes in place of the originals substantially improved the braking. This is a heavy bike and is now moving much faster.

Custom Tandem Moulton

In 1989 I had purchased a Moulton ATB, mainly for off-road use, as it had the largest tyre width clearance of all Moulton models. Around the turn of the century, I learned of tandem adaptions of this model made in Australia, by inserting an extra section between the two halves of the separable ATB frame.
In 2012 I discovered that UK framebuilder Doug Pinkerton had built some, so ordered one from him, additionally fitting a Rohloff 14 speed hub gear with rear disc brake.
We wanted to be able to travel further and in hillier territory despite increasing age, so when the ARCC e-Moulton was announced, I asked them to fit a conversion.
We like riding on traffic-free tracks as much as possible, and have ridden most of the Peak District former railway tracks, the Bath Two Tunnels ride, and the Cambridge Busway bridlepath. Climbing Dunstable Downs from Leighton Buzzard really demonstrated the hill-climbing capability, we could never have coped unassisted.
Having an early conversion, we have had some minor problems, and ARCC have always been willing and able to promptly resolve them under warranty by fitting improved components, so we can’t fault the service received.
Overall we are very satisfied customers, our cycling capabilities have been very much expanded.

Customer Review

My husband, George and I have been riding Moulton bikes for over thirty years. We use them for every day transport as well as for day rides and for longer bike tours...By 2016 I came to the conclusion that I needed an electric bike. We then contacted ARCC who we had heard were retro-fitting Moulton bikes with electric power assistance.
We were fortunate to find a used TSR 8 (green) in very good condition and at a good price. ARCC were ready to carry out the conversion and arranged for us to leave the TSR at their London office. Two weeks later we picked up the power-assisted bike.
I am very happy to have just the assistance that I need which has enabled us to continue bike touring, for example in the Outer Hebrides in 2018 and in Holland last summer.

eBike Specification

eBike Classification



Abington and Rosemont: Brushless 250W 36V DC 170 RPM front wheel drive.

Moulton TSR: Brushless 250W 36V DC 280 RPM front wheel drive. 

Brompton: Brushless 250W 36V DC 306.65 RPM front wheel drive. 


Bosch Lithium Ion 36V 4.0Ah (144 Wh).

Bosch Lithium Ion 36V 6.0Ah (216 Wh) optional.

Bosch Lithium Ion 36V 9.0Ah optional.

Mains Charger

Bosch AL 3640 CV professional charger.

Battery Charge Time

4.0Ah – 35-50 Minutes full charge dependant on charger used.

6.0Ah – 50-75 Minutes full charge dependant on charger used.

9.0Ah – 75-100 Minutes full charge dependant on charger used.

Control Pod

CNC machined Peraluman 470 aluminium grade 5083/AlMg  4.5Mn. Black hard anodised finish.

Control Pod USB Interfaces

1 x USBC 2.0 charging/data port 5V, 1500mA

1 x USBC 2.0 charging/data port 5V, 500mA

1 x USBC 2.0 charging port 5V, 500mA

Bottom Bracket

Thun torque sensor BB cartridge X-Cell RT square taper 68mm shell/119mm spindle.

Brake Switch

Safety cut-off switches, front and rear.

Assisted Range

4.0Ah up to 35km depending on riding style.

6.0Ah up to 50km depending on riding style.

9.0Ah up to 75km depending on riding style.

Maximum Assisted Speed

Power assist limited to 15.5mph/25km/h

Pod Weight

3.9kg (including battery)

Assistance Controller

Bluetooth controller

System Status Indicators

2 x tri-colour LED’s


Abington: Black BX Ahead Threadless 1-1/8”

Rosemont: Silver BLB Ahead Threadless 1-1/8”

Moulton TSR: Miche Team 1" 

Spare Battery Holder

CNC Machined Peraluman 470 aluminium grade 5083/AlMg 4.5Mn anodised.

Purchasing Through Bike Schemes

If you wish to purchase through the Bike2Work scheme, the Cyclescheme Ltd or the Green Commute Initiative please email us at