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The e²-pod Intelligent Drive System

Fitted at the ARCC headquarters by our experts and currently available for Abington, Airnimal Joey, Brompton, Cinelli, Moulton TSR and Rosemont bikes; the e²-pod Intelligent Drive System is all you need to upgrade to a well-tuned e-bike. We also offer bespoke fittings where we can, and previous bikes we have converted include a Recumbent and The PF Mobility Side-By-Side Trike.

Designed and built by our experts at ARCC, both the first and second generation of the e²-pod Intelligent Drive System use an industry standard 4.0 Ah, 6.0 Ah or 9.0 Ah Bosch battery, which are readily-available from stores and online and have a range of up to 75km dependant on the battery used. The system also boasts a unique function in its ‘launch control’ which provides the rider with a three-second boost, to help in moving away from traffic lights and busy crossings.

Once your bike is booked in, our experts will retrofit the e²-pod system to your bike at our Cambridgeshire headquarters.

The system includes:

The e²-pod Gen II

4.0Ah Bosch battery

Battery cover

Bosch battery charger

Bluetooth controller - available in black, silver, red and blue

Bluetooth controller cradle

Charging cable

Spare battery holder - Abington and Moulton TSR only

5-year warranty on the e²-pod

Additional extras / upgrades:

6.0Ah Bosch battery

Bag conversion kit

Pod lock

Convert your bike to electric with the e²-pod Intelligent Drive System for £1799

Please see the bike conversions page for more information on how to book your bike in.

The e²-pod Gen II

The e²-pod Gen II Intelligent Drive System embodies the values of ARCC. Building on the highly successful Gen I, the latest iteration of the e²-pod delivers state-of-the-art technology in a product designed, developed, engineered and manufactured to the highest level by ARCC Bikes in Cambridge, England.

Now complete with a Bluetooth controller, the new sleek design of the e²-pod Gen II Intelligent Drive System comes with the choice of 4.0 Ah or 6.0 Ah Bosch batteries. With the 4.0 Ah battery giving a typical range of up to 35km and the 6.0 Ah battery providing mileage up to 50km, they can be purchased from most tool retailers and online. The e²-pod is also compatible with the 9.0 Ah Bosch battery, which can raise the range of an e-bike up to 75km.

The e²-pod utilises readily-available Bosch batteries, which cost less than traditional e-bike batteries, but are as robust (rated for a 3m drop onto concrete); charge between 35-105 minutes dependant on the charger used; and have a two-year warranty from Bosch. And with the battery weighing just 1.3kg and measuring 158 x 97 x 76mm, a spare can be easily carried for any extended trip.

The battery pack slides neatly onto the e²-pod, locking in place with a positive click, where it sits with the charge level display easily-visible. When the battery is removed, the e-bike reverts to its standard configuration and can be used as a regular bike.

Using the accompanying Bluetooth controller or the e²-pod app, the user has complete control of the level of assistance received while on the go, for which the e²-pod Gen II Intelligent Drive System offers 12 power levels.

The e²-pod has two power modes. Both the M and A mode allow the rider to have complete control over the assist level. The torque sensor allows the system to detect a harder pedalling motion, and automatically provide more assistance within the chosen assist level setting.

This results in a very natural cycling action, but with the sensation of being given a gentle boost. 

The ‘A Mode’ utilises the in-built “Inclinometer/Accelerometer” sensor which allows the e²-pod to recognise hills and gradients, and provide automatic compensation accordingly, by increasing or decreasing the power delivered. This results in the rider's exertion levels remaining virtually constant, as if travelling on the flat, even when tackling hills.

When the assistance is set to zero on your Bluetooth controller (so that none of the LED indicators are lit) the e²-pod will go into standby mode. This means that no assistance will be given to the bike, allowing it to be ridden as normal whilst also saving the battery.

There is also a traffic light/hill start launch control function. This can be activated by applying both brakes and pressure to the left pedal. When the brakes are released and the rider pedals, the e²-pod delivers maximum power to the motor for a period of three seconds. This enables a fast, effortless, and safe getaway from traffic lights and busy crossings.

In total the e²-pod Gen II Intelligent Drive System adds around 3.9kg to the bike (with the battery fitted).

Fitted at the ARCC headquarters by our experts and currently available for Abington, Airnimal Joey, Brompton, Cinelli, Moulton TSR and Rosemont bikes; the e²-pod Gen II Intelligent Drive System is all you need to upgrade to a well-tuned e-bike.

For more information on bespoke conversions, visit the bike conversions page.

For further information about the e²-pod Gen II Intelligent Drive System or if you have any questions please contact info@arcc.co.uk

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