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Bespoke Abington
Daniel W.
Lovely ride

Had bike (non-electric) delivered today. Took it for my daily work commute and it was lovely! Kudos to the team for setting the bike up exactly as I requested, including nice tubeless 650b tyres. Great paint job, too.

A really excellent conversion / service

The service turned out to be far better than my original expectation. The conversion is really a great thing and a definite recommendation. I use the Brompton bike, mainly for travelling (taking it on the train / airplane…etc) it is not my usual everyday Ebike, but I’m very very happy with the conversion, the motor, the choice of batteries et cetera et cetera. This is one of the few Ebike options that can generally go on an aeroplane. I plan to do this several times in the next few months, both to Europe, and also to Asia. I like the fact that I can get a battery, 2 A which I could take on the plane without having to contact the airline. The 4 amp battery does need to be logged with the airline, but generally this has not been a problem. On a technical point of view, I like the responsiveness of your system, the motor has got me up, even the steepest hills, and this is with just a three speed of Brompton. I am 6 foot one and about 84 kg in weight and this is not an issue.
The added weight of the motor and control unit has also not really affected my ability to take the bike on a plane. Are use both are hard and semi hard case to protect it on the plane and the conversion system has added very little weight to this travel Set-up so I have stayed within weight allowances.

Can’t stop smiling 😊

Since collecting my ARCC Brompton I have been looking for absolutely any excuse to take it out for a spin. The family love my sudden willingness to to cycle out to get the groceries, do the school pick up, collect packages etc etc.
Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ARCC if you’re considering an E-bike conversion.

Registering battery with Bosch

Bosch system for registering guarantee was appalling, Bosch customer service unhelpful

First Impressions

The ARCC Moulton TSR is an icon, some would say why fit an electric assist motor. The two go together like the ideal marriage with the Bosch batteries available at builders merchants and online stores it makes for affordable cycling for those who are not as fit as the younger generation. Took delivery i my Bespoke Moulton, expensive but compared to the competition its competitive and British made. For me the Auto function is preferred to the manual mode with gradients, head winds and long straights ridden with ease.
Compared to my Electric Brompton the ARCC Moulton has the edge in comfort and range. I highly recommend ARCC as supplier for your next Electric assist bike with first class backup support.

Bespoke Abington
Marine Boy
A great bike

I've just become the proud owner of a bright yellow Abington. I wanted a very high quality British manufactured bike at a reasonable price. Many manufacturers exploit their UK heritage but then you find the frame and wheels are made in the far east - not ARCC who make the wheels in house as well as the Reynolds steel frame. The bike is really smooth to ride a benefit of the frame and carbon belt drive and although no lightweight it's nimble enough for me to enjoy the Box Hill route near my home. The quality is excellent and I enjoyed the acquisition process incuding a test drive in Cambridge - all the staff are friendly and knowledgable...

ARCC Electric Brompton - Electric Conversion (fitted at ARCC)
London Cyclist
This might be our best-rated conversion to date

With a 5-year warranty to boot, the conversion doesn't interfere with the fold and the minimal extra weight is barely noticeable when carrying.

Bespoke Abington Electric
Cycling Electric
A classic design that gets the job done in an understated way without drawing attention to itself.

ARCC Bikes has taken the classic styling cues of a British roadster and added an extraordinarily clever electronics package

Spare battery holder

An obscene money grabbing solution to replace two stout rubber bands

ARCC Electric Brompton - Electric Conversion (fitted at ARCC)
Very solid and easy to use

It is an incredible device, light, very solid and easy to use. I am very happy of it on my Brompton. The service ensured by ARCC is outstanding. I would strongly recommend the purchase of it.

Clear instructions, everything working as it should

I have covered 1000Km on my TSR.
When it arrived it was the best packed bike I have ever seen. I have the 11 speed Alfine which is superb.
Clear instructions, everything working as it should.
Ride wise it is sporty with quick handling.
No issues with the electrics, it defiantly loosens up and becomes smoother after a run in period.
If anything getting used to the Moulton is more challenging, and am still building up to removing the wheels.

ARCC Moulton® TSR Electric - Electric Conversion (fitted at ARCC)
Fast and Comfortable

I bought an ARCC Moulton TSR conversion and I'm delighted with it. It is a very nice bike to ride, fast and comfortable even though a bit heaver than a standard bike. ARCC's service is excellent even when I had a problem with one of the batteries - but that's a third-party product. More recently I've started taking it more off-road using public byways which give a more interesting set of rides - not something I would have done with my previous road bike but the Moulton copes well and the electric assistance is also welcome. Overall the ARCC Moulton TSR Electric is highly recommended!

ARCC Electric Brompton - Electric Conversion (fitted at ARCC)
Flawless function

An excellent bike converted to electric by ARCC. The electric motor and controls are great and function flawlessly. The bike has worked well - the electric motor assistance is smooth and easily controlled. Extra or replacement batteries are readily available and reasonably priced. Superb service from ARCC both on the conversion and service.

An Engineer's Dream

I cannot praise ARCC bikes highly enough. I went to their manufacturing plant, near Cambridge, which is a bit of an engineer'ss dream. After a chat and a test drive of their innovative electric drive, which is the best I have tried, we spec'd a bike. They custom built on a Moulton TSR frame, with all the frame colours in stock. There is a 52 week delay at the moment at many other dealers. I discussed with the really knowledgeable staff the right set of components for my needs and we designed the bike. They built it for me in a matter of days and delivered it when complete. Ten out of ten.

ARCC Airnimal Joey - Electric Conversion (fitted at ARCC)
The great thing about the ARCC system is that I am still in control.

I've had my Airnimal Joey for several years and love everything about it - the comfort, the practicality, the foldability for transport. Whenever I go away, Joey comes too. What I was finding didn't suit me so well was long distances and hills. Enter ARCC.
The great thing about the ARCC system is that I am still in control. I turn the power on as and when I need it, so I can still ride unassisted to challenge myself and get the exercise but use the assistance on hills that I might have found myself walking up. Another great thing about the ARCC is its sensitivity which responds precisely to match battery power to my pedalling effort. By having the help on the hard bits, the distances look after themselves. And the option is still there to use the power more, and more often as I get older. All is managed by the unobtrusive and easy to use (and easily removable for security at the café stop) Bluetooth controller on the handlebars.
The best thing of all - apart from extending my cycling life - is that while Joey has put on a bit of weight (haven't we all?) he remains as comfortable and transportable as ever, just more practical.

ARCC Electric Brompton - Electric Conversion (fitted at ARCC)
Almost 5 stars

Very good conversion of my old Brompton. There were connection issues with the Generation 1 control unit which took two returns to the factory (Aug 19 and April 20) for the problem to be properly resolved (replacing connections etc). Other than that the control and response from the motor is now very reliable and I have been pleased with the bike. The service from ARCC when the unit failed has been very good - 5 stars. If I hadn’t had the issues with the control unit the rating would have been 5 stars.

ARCC Moulton® TSR Electric - Electric Conversion (fitted at ARCC)
Excellent Conversion

An excellent conversion of my Moulton which I have been running for a few years now. There was a glitch last year with the control which was quickly fixed for free and I am still commuting happily with the bike. I am also running all sorts of errands on the bike where I used to use the car but not breaking a sweat even in the summer.

ARCC Moulton® TSR Electric - Electric Conversion (fitted at ARCC)
Service and Support

I purchased the ARCC conversion kit in 2018 and have been extremely happy since day one. The power delivery is smooth and the duration of power is good and can be extended by adjusting the assistance level. I have been able to purchase a number of the Bosch 6ah batteries which have a 2 year guarantee from Bosch (They have already replaced free of charge). I have only needed support from ARCC on a couple of occasions and the service has been exemplary, on both occasions they have gone far beyond the minimum required to ensure the best experience to be had from the bike. I give an unreserved recommendation to a great product from a serious and service focused company

ARCC Electric Brompton - Electric Conversion (fitted at ARCC)
800km review

I completed 800km last week, after a month with the converted Brompton: it is flawless. For long and hilly trips, a spare battery and light third party charger are perfect.
The conversion seems to widen a bit the front fork, but is still fit in the Polaris bike case (together with charger and batteries). There is quite a lot more cables, but they are neatly tied by the arcc team. I have found the Brompton stock stem holder to struggle to stay folded since the conversion, but that is a very minor inconvenience.

ARCC Electric Brompton - Electric Conversion (fitted at ARCC)
Excellent Conversion

Conversion completed within a few days and the components are of a high quality. The conversion is very compatible with the Brompton and works well with all aspects of the bike. The performance is smooth and very efficient and effective. Highly recommended.

Excellent add-on to the Arcc system

Simple but brilliant addition to the Arcc Brompton. Now I can carry my stuff easily and still enjoy the very welcome battery assist.

Bespoke Rosemont Electric
Cycling Electric
ARCC Rosemont

A classy design, a comfortable riding position, and a removable battery for simplicity and security - the Rosemont is a real winner.

ARCC Electric Brompton - Electric Conversion (fitted at ARCC)
Customer Review

At the 2019 London Bike Show my wife and I test rode Brompton Bicycle’s own Brompton Electric and the ARCC Brompton fitted with the e²-pod. We both preferred the ARCC Brompton.
They have a fantastic, up-to-date facility staffed by enthusiastic and knowledgeable people who clearly enjoy their work. I was already convinced about its technical merits but what convinced me to ask ARCC to convert my wife’s Brompton to an e-bike was the professionalism, warmth and enthusiasm of the people I met at ARCC. I delivered my wife’s Brompton to ARCC and picked up the converted bike a few days later. It has worked faultlessly ever since.

ARCC Moulton® TSR Electric - Electric Conversion (fitted at ARCC)
Customer Review

I have been a fan of Moulton bikes ever since my Dad bought an F-frame type Standard model in the 60s at the local bike shop which was selling off old stock...Fast forward to 2017 when I saw ARCC at one of the national bike shows; the Moulton had effectively been retired by then as we had first moved to mountain bikes and then road bikes. It became clear that the Moulton could have second life.
I was able to complete several trips of 15 – 20miles over the next 2 months covering some 250 miles. Despite what some think - where is the fitness element? Simple, I was soon on pace and often rode the bike to the limit and above where the motor assistance kicks out at around 15mph!!
One of the benefits of the conversion is it uses proprietary Bosch batteries. On the rides described I usually had to swap my 6Ah battery at 18 miles and complete the journey on a 4Ah which I carried as spare in my back pack. The ARCC conversion had another advantage; I was able share these batteries with a number of Bosch garden and power tools I had.
I found ARCC staff most helpful and followed recommendations they made. For instance a change to Avid V brakes in place of the originals substantially improved the braking. This is a heavy bike and is now moving much faster.

ARCC Electric Brompton - Electric Conversion (fitted at ARCC)
Customer Review

It handles slopes exactly as one would want, well. I have had no problems or niggles in the time I have had it: the ARCC conversion was faultless, excellent, and a very good choice for me.