First produced by Dr Alex Moulton CBE in the ‘60’s, the basic Moulton® concept is to improve ride comfort and efficiency by using small wheels with high-pressure tyres, supported from a rigid frame by carefully engineered rubber suspension units.

At ARCC we offer the Moulton® TSR complete electric bike in a range of configurations so you can find the perfect bike for you. We can also retrofit our Intelligent Drive Pod to your existing Moulton® TSR

Equipped with the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod:

Change assistance on the go using the ARCC Control or App

Hill assist

Launch control - get a 3 second boost from a standing start

4.0Ah, 6.0Ah (9.0Ah) Bosch battery powered

Range up to 75km

Can be ridden with or without the battery

We offer a 5-year frame warranty on all new Moulton® TSR bikes as well as a 5-year warranty on the Intelligent Drive Pod. If you choose to convert your existing Moulton, we will also honour the remainder of its warranty. 

Moulton® TSR with Intelligent Drive pod available from £3294

Retrofit available for £1799

Book your conversion online, shop complete Moulton TSR Electrics or build your own.


Full specifications are within the user guides.


8-speed Shimano Alfine gears (2.4-7.2m of development. Gear ratio 1.59-4.86 54t/18t

Other options:

Single speed (4.5m of development) Gear ratio 3.12 53t/17t

2-speed SRAM Automatix rear hub with low gearing (4.65-6.3m of development) Gear ratio 3.12-4.24 53t/17t

2-speed SRAM Automatix rear hub with high gearing (4.94-6.7m of development) Gear ratio 3.31-4.51 53t/16t

4-speed with twin front chain ring and 2-speed SRAM Automatix rear hub with low gearing (3.42-6.3m of development) Gear ratio 2.29-4.24 39-53t/16t

4-speed with twin front chain ring and 2-speed SRAM Automatix rear hub with high gearing (3.63-6.7m of development) Gear ratio 2.44-4.51 39-53t/17t

11-speed Shimano Alfine (2.37-9.61m of development) Gear ratio 1.59-6.45 54t/18t

22-speed Shimano 105 (1.82-7.18m of development) Gear ratio 1.22-4.82 39-53t/11-32t

Other flat-bar gearing options

5-speed Sturmey Archer (2.81-6.84m of development) Gear ratio 1.88-4.59 53t/18t

8-speed Shimano Alfine (2.37-7.25m of development) Gear ratio 1.59-4.86 54t/18t 

9 Speed SRAM X-5 (2.51-7.31m of development) Gear ratio 1.69-4.91 54t/32t 

14 Speed Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 (1.73-9.10m of development) Gear ratio 1.16- 6.11 54t/13




VP607 alloy with rubber tread

MKS Superior EZY quick release available upon request.


Kalloy AL-007 DB flat-bar.

Deda Piega 44cm drop bar available.


Selle Royal Viper

Brooks B17 Brown Leather available on request.


20” x 1.5” Schwalbe Marathon Green Guard protection tyres.

Other options:

20” x 1.35” Kojak / 95 PSI tyres

20” x 1.35” Marathon plus / 100 PSI tyres 

Bike Dimensions

1560mm x 220mm x 1014mm


Standard bike from 13kg

E-bike from 16kg


Select from the Moulton colour palette.

Choose any RAL colour at an additional cost of £250.

Intelligent Drive Pod

e-bike Classification

Pedelec (road-legal)


Abington and Rosemont bikes: Brushless 250W 36V DC 170 RPM front wheel drive.

Moulton: Brushless 250W 36V DC 280 RPM front wheel drive.

Brompton: Brushless 250W 36V DC 306.65 RPM front wheel drive.

IP Rating: 65.


Bosch Li-ion 36V 4Ah (144 Wh).

Bosch Li-ion 36V 6Ah (216 Wh) optional.

Mains Charger

Bosch GAL3860 CV charger.

Battery Charge Time

4Ah: 25mins to 80%, 35mins to 100%

6Ah: 35mins to 80%, 55mins to 100%

Control Pod

CNC-machined Peraluman 470 aluminium grade 5083/AlMg 4.5Mn. Black hard anodised finish.

Control Pod USB Interfaces

1 x USBC 2.0 charging/data port 5V, 1500mA.

1 x USBC 2.0 charging/data port 5V, 500mA.

1 x USBC 2.0 charging port 5V, 500mA.

Bottom Bracket


Brake Switch

Safety cut-off switches, front and rear.

Assisted Range

4Ah up to 35km depending on riding style.

6Ah up to 52km depending on riding style.

Maximum Assisted Speed

Power assist is limited to 15.5mph/25kph (UK limit)

Pod Weight

2.6kg system only

3.9g incl. 4Ah or 6Ah battery.

Assistance Controller

ARCC Control.

iOS app.

System Status Indicators

2 x tri-colour LED’s.


Abington: Black BX Ahead Threadless 1-1/8”.

Rosemont: Silver BLB Ahead Threadless 1-1/8”.

Moulton TSR: Miche Team 1".

Spare Battery Holder

CNC Machined Peraluman 470 aluminium grade 5083/AlMg 4.5Mn anodised.

Purchasing Through Bike Schemes

If you wish to purchase through a cycle-to-work scheme, please email us at

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