Frequently Asked Questions



What makes your electric conversion system better than other systems that cost less? 

Key features include:
  • Torque and Cadence sensor, that senses rotation, rotational direction, and torque at the bottom bracket
  • Bluetooth controller to allow riders complete control of the level of assistance received from the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod whilst on the go. – this is also available as an app.
  • Launch control which provides a three-second boost to assist with moving away from traffic lights and crossings in heavy traffic.
  • Inclinometer / accelerometer sensor which detects hills and gradients and provides compensation accordingly.
  • Compatible with 4.0Ah and 6.0Ah Bosch batteries, which when compared to other e-bike batteries on the market, are a lot more affordable and accessible.
  • Compatible with most Brompton bags.
  • UK-made for fast delivery and customised requirements.
  • 5-year warranty on the ARCC Intelligent Drive System, we will also honour the remainder of your existing manufacturer warranty. 
Find more detail here.


How do I register my Bosch products for their warranties?

Please register your Bosch products within 2 weeks of purchasing your ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod in order to obtain your 3 year Bosch battery warranty and 2 year Bosch battery charger warranty.

You can do so here.

Which lighting systems work with the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod?

Lighting systems that do not interfere with the position of the Intelligent Drive pod, and also don’t use a front hub dynamo, can be used with the system.

You can use any of the USB-C ports on the pod to charge battery-powered lights which charge through USB. You can use the USB cable supplied for charging the Bluetooth Remote, if the lights have a USB Micro-B connector.

For our Brompton customers, we recommend the Cateye Volt400, available from Brompton.

Are you developing or planning to add lighting options to your system?

We are working on a number of new developments to complement the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod. However, there are no immediate plans to release any lighting options, and we recommend that anybody who needs lights should purchase an independent product.

What is the difference between the first and second variations of the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod?

Both generations of the system feature the same state-of-the-art technology developed by ARCC at our Research and Development facility in Cambridge.

The main differences between the models are:

The first generation can be removed from the bike, and also has physical red control dials located on the top of the Intelligent Drive Pod.

The second generation is fixed to the bike, and is controlled by a removable Bluetooth controller, rather than any physical dials.

I have a first generation Intelligent Drive Pod - how should I clean the pins / connections?

We advise that you use a dry soft brush to clean the pins and contacts. Do not use any liquids, chemicals or WD40.

What is the difference between M and A mode on the Intelligent Drive Pod?

Both the M and A mode allow the rider to have complete control over the assist level. The torque sensor allows the system to detect a harder pedalling motion, and automatically provide more assistance within the chosen assist level setting. This results in a very natural cycling action, but with the sensation of being given a gentle boost.

The A mode utilises the in-built Inclinometer / Accelerometer sensor which allows the system to recognise hills and gradients, and provide automatic compensation accordingly, by increasing or decreasing the power delivered. This results in the riders exertion levels remaining virtually constant, as if travelling on the flat, even when tackling hills.

Is the Bluetooth controller included with the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod?

The Bluetooth controller can be bought as an optional extra for the first generation of the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod.

It is included as standard with the second generation of the Intelligent Drive Pod. However, you can also opt to purchase the system without the controller, simply mention this when enquiring.

What is the range of the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod with the 4Ah battery fitted?

Up to 35km depending on riding style.

What is the range of the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod with the 6Ah battery fitted?

Up to 50km depending on riding style.

What factors can affect battery range? There are multiple factors that can affect battery range, including but not limited to user weight, cadence, weather conditions and power level. Bosch have a handy calculator for helping determine how your journey will affect your battery life.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

4.0Ah – 35-80 Minutes full charge dependant on charger
used. Please refer to the Bosch documentation supplied with the user guide for further information.

6.0Ah – 50-105 Mins full charge dependant on charger used
Please refer to the Bosch documentation supplied with the
user guide for further information.

Can I take my bike fitted with the ARCC system on an airplane?

Yes - up to two 4.0Ah batteries are currently allowed for travel with most airlines.

For up to date information, please check the restricted items list for the airline you are travelling with.

How long does the Bluetooth remote last before needing re-charge

A fully charged Bluetooth remote will last for at least 30 hours. Remember to turn it off after use, as it will continue to use the same amount of power even when disconnected from the bike.

How long does it take to charge the Bluetooth remote?

A completely discharged battery should recharge between 1-2 hours.

What warranty / guarantee does my bike / system have

All ARCC Bikes and the Pod come complete with a 5-year frame warranty. For Brompton conversions we take on the remainder of the Brompton warranty.

For full terms please see our Terms Of Service.

Can I use my existing Brompton bag, with the system on my bike?

Yes – you can purchase the bag conversion kit here.

Can you fit the system to my Brompton superlight (titanium forks)


Is the maximum speed limited?

The speed is not limited, but the electric motor will not assist you when you’re travelling more than 25 km/h (15.5mph).

Can the maximum assistance be removed for 'off-road' use?

The speed permitted abides by current UK legislation (harmonised with EU Directive 2002/24/EC), and we have not provided for modification for 'off-road' use.

The blue light on the Bluetooth remote sometimes goes out when riding - is this a problem?

If this happens, you will not be able to change the assistance setting until the blue light is back on. However, this will not interfere with your ride, and you will be able to continue on the same setting as previously selected.

Do you need to modify the fork on Brompton bikes, to fit the system?


Do you have an App?

Yes - we currently have an app, although this is only available on Apple devices.

Can I bring my ARCC bike to you for a service?

Yes - please email or call 01223 893 290 to book in.

Can I fit the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod to my bike myself?

No - the system is fitted at the ARCC Bikes in Cambridge, by our team of trusted experts.

Can the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod be fitted to any bike?

No - the system can currently be fitted to Brompton, Moulton TSR and Airnimal Joey bikes as standard, but please contact us for bespoke enquiries and we will help where possible.

Can the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod get me up a 12% hill?
Yes it would. In A mode the system will maximise assistance at a 13% slope. However you will still have to put legwork in yourself, so you would need to keep your bike in the lowest gear. 
Where do you ship to?
We only ship to addresses in the United Kingdom and are unable to ship to PO Boxes, British Forces Post Office (BFPO), Channel Islands or Isle of Man.
Where can I find user guides for my bike? You can find all up to date information and user guides on our Technical Information page here.
Do you offer any discounts?

We offer Moulton Owner's Club members 10% off Moulton TSR Electric bikes and 15% off Moulton TSR retrofits.

We also offer 5% off bikes and conversions for Blue Light Card holders.

Can I purchase through any cycle schemes? Yes, if you wish to purchase through the Bike2Work scheme, the Cyclescheme Ltd or the Green Commute Initiative please email us at
If you have a question please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.