Electric Bikes from Cambridge

High-performance and high-quality electric bikes 

Electric bikes have hugely grown in popularity over recent years, providing more cyclists with a more environmentally-friendly option for commuting or reaching the shops, and as an alternative to electric cars.

E-bikes are excellent for cyclists with reduced mobility, for people recovering from injuries and for commuters in towns and cities. With the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod, you are in control of how much exercise you do - and how much assistance the Bosch-powered motor and electrical system gives you.

The ARCC Electrical System was designed for Brompton bikes, Moultons, Airnimal Joeys and our own range of bikes designed in Cambridge. Want us to convert your favourite bike to electric? Email us at info@arcc.co.uk with a photo of your bike (especially the front forks and wheel) and we will provide an estimate of costs.

ARCC electrical retrofit system on a Brompton bike

What makes us different in the e-bike industry?

ARCC Bikes specialises in providing the premium electric bikes equipped with our Intelligent Drive Pod. We offer the best electrical conversion kits for Brompton bikes, Moulton and Airnimal Joeys.

We built, develop and test everything in-house in Cambridge. (If you like to see big machinery at work or learn how your bike is made, come by and visit us!)

Our Intelligent Drive Pod sits discreetly on the front of your bike, fully compatible with readily-available Bosch 36V batteries and offers 12 power levels and 2 modes of assistance for full control over your ride.

We also offer a comprehensive 5-year warranty on our electrical system and our bikes.


What is the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod?

We have designed our Intelligent Drive Pod to offer cyclists the very best in innovative engineering and power assistance for their rides.

It combines variable power levels with automated hill/gradient compensation which allows commuting cyclists to decide on the quantity of effort each they and the motor gives; and includes a 3-second full-power ‘launch control’ feature, for security when pulling away from lights and crossings in heavy traffic.

The electrical system makes use of industry-standard 4.0 Ah and 6.0 Ah Bosch batteries, easily available from local hardware shops and on-line, and which have a potential range of around 55km depending on the riding style. When the battery is removed, the e-bike reverts to its standard configuration and can be used as a normal, everyday bike.

We have more information about the Intelligent Drive Pod here.


ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod - bluetooth controller for handlebars
ARCC Electric System Pod and Battery
ARCC Electrical System on a Moulton bike as retrofit