Electric Bike Kit

Electric Bike Kit

With an electric bike conversion kit, you can upgrade your bike to an e-bike for the fraction of the price of buying a new one. You can also customise your e-bike to match your needs. By purchasing the right electric bike conversion kit, you can ensure your e-bike is set up specifically for your lifestyle.

The ARCC e²-pod Intelligent Drive System makes the perfect catch for your e-bike conversion. This includes full electric bicycle kits for a range of different bicycles, also a range of battery packs and chargers to suit your specific conversion requirements.

Fitted at the ARCC headquarters in Cambridgeshire by our experts and currently available for Abington, Airnimal Joey, Brompton, Cinelli, Moulton TSR and Rosemont bikes; the e²-pod Intelligent Drive System is all you need to upgrade to a well-tuned e-bike.

Designed and built by our experts at ARCC, both the first and second generation of the e²-pod Intelligent Drive System uses an industry standard 4.0 Ah, 6.0 Ah or 9.0 Ah Bosch battery, which are readily-available from stores and online and have a range of up to 75km dependant on the battery used. The system also boasts a unique function in its ‘launch control’ which provides the rider with a three-second boost, to help in moving away from traffic lights and busy crossings.

Once your bike is booked in, our experts will retrofit the e²-pod system to your bike at our Cambridgeshire headquarters.

For more information on our electric bikes range and bespoke conversions, visit the bike conversions page.

For further information about the e²-pod Intelligent Drive System or if you have any questions please contact info@arcc.co.uk