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Our dedication towards qualityĀ 

AtĀ ARCC, weĀ provideĀ innovative designs, including the visionary Moulton TSR bicycle.

Moulton TSR Bicycle

The timeless design of the Moulton TSR Bike

The Moulton TSR is the original full-suspension, detachable, small-wheeled, bike, world renowned for its classic style, comfort and practicality. With a lot of features that stand out against other bicycles, the Moulton TSR is truly unique.

At ARCC we offer the Moulton TSR in a range of configurations and colours of your choice, including Black, White, Pastel Blue, Dust Blue, Midnight Blue, Royal Red, Bright Red, Golden YellowĀ orĀ Orange, so you can find the perfect bike for you.

Manufacturing versatility

The core Moulton TSR range has been refined through over 50 years of design and engineering development. The range includes models for all cycling pursuits from versatile all-rounders through to ultimate touring machines. Its weight and speed make theĀ MoultonĀ TSR the perfect choice for the leisure cyclist and is a true ā€˜go anywhere bicycleā€™.