Brompton Electric Conversion

Converting your Brompton to Electric

Committed to keeping innovation and development of high-power systems here in the UK, in 2012Ā ARCCĀ set out to offer the best in e-bike engineering.

Now withĀ 8 years of experience fitting and maintaining our electric bike system on a range of models, including the classic Brompton,Ā the IntelligentĀ Drive System by ARCC Bikes is the best choice if you're looking for an electric Brompton.Ā 

Discover the joy an electric converted BromptonĀ can bring.

Our team of experts can retrofit your Brompton in just a few hours, with prices from Ā£1799Ā for a complete electric conversion, including Bosch battery.

Level out the hills and have total control of your exertion wherever you are going: shopping, commuting to work or out exploring. This is the lightest and easiest electric conversion system for your Brompton.

Our Intelligent Drive System is available for all current and older Brompton bicycles. We offer the 4.0 Ah and 6.0 Ah Bosch batteries at ARCC, but the 9.0 Ah Bosch battery is also compatible and is readily available fromĀ a range ofĀ stores and online. And once you have your complete ARCC bike, simply removing the battery will revert theĀ e-bike back to a standard Brompton.Ā 

Electric Converted Brompton

What ARCC serves?

  • ARCC Bikes is the leading company for innovative e-bikes andĀ e-bike conversions.

  • Strong manufacturing capability.

  • Prompt and responsive after-sale service.

  • Dedicated technical team of engineers and designers.

  • UK-made, premier service, and fully customisable orders.Ā 

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