Bespoke Bikes

Bespoke Bikes

If you wish for an E-bike that suits your aesthetic and fulfils all your requirements, ARCCā€™s bespoke bikes will never fail to serve.

Whether its an old Brompton or an upgrade for Moulton TSR, we can assure you the safest, deftly equipped and high-tech electric bike. A Bespoke Bike designed to fit you, giving you the performance that you need on the fly. With power on hand to make any trip as easy as you please. The choice is yours. Zero to full assistance.

Almost every element can be customised on your demand by ARCC Bikes, from different battery powers to colour, gearing sets, and accessories.

ARCC Bespoke Bikes:

The ARCC eĀ²-pod Intelligent Drive System is compatible withĀ Abington,Ā Airnimal Joey, Brompton, Cinelli, Moulton TSRĀ andĀ Rosemont bicycles. We also offer bespoke fittings where we can, and previous bikes we have converted include a Recumbent and The PF Mobility Side-By-Side Trike.

Designed and built by our experts atĀ ARCC, both the first and second generation of theĀ eĀ²-pod IntelligentĀ DriveĀ SystemĀ uses an industry standard 4.0 Ah, 6.0 Ah or 9.0 Ah Bosch battery, which are readily-available from stores and online and have a range ofĀ up to 75km dependant on the battery used. The system also boasts a unique function in itsĀ ā€˜launch controlā€™Ā which provides the rider with a three-second boost, to help in moving away from traffic lights and busy crossings.

Once your bike is booked in, our experts will retrofit theĀ eĀ²-pod system to your bike at our Cambridgeshire headquarters.

OurĀ system includes:

TheĀ eĀ²-pod GenĀ II

4.0Ah Bosch battery

Battery cover

Bosch battery charger

Bluetooth controller - available in black, silver, red and blue

Bluetooth controller cradle

Charging cable

Spare battery holder -Ā AbingtonĀ and Moulton TSRĀ only

5-year warranty on theĀ eĀ²-pod

Additional extras / upgrades:

6.0Ah Bosch battery

Bag conversion kit

Pod lock

AllĀ conversionsĀ are fitted by our own team of experts at our Cambridgeshire headquarters.

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Combining industry-leading products, professionalism and integrity, ARCC prides itself on its unique level of customer service and support. With a broad variety of complete build bikes, covering a range of price points,Ā ARCC BikesĀ offers the very best in cycling.

Hereā€™s the range at a glance:

Ā Bike Price (from)
Bespoke Abington ElectricĀ 
Bespoke Abington
Bespoke Rosemont Electric
Bespoke Rosemont
Bespoke Moulton TSR withĀ eĀ²-pod
Bespoke Moulton TSR


Apart from the current range, we can also do bespoke fittings to some different bikes. If you do not see your bike listed in the range then don't hesitate to get in touch with us viaĀĀ with a description of your bike along with some photographs.