About Us

At ARCC Innovations, we research, we design, we problem solve, we develop, we mentor, we build, and we continuously improve. 

Based in Cambridge in the United Kingdom, we are a Research and Development centre invested in keeping engineering and design in the UK. As well as designing and developing our own products such as our unique intelligent power system – the e²-pod, we also act as a small business incubator facility providing mentoring, guidance and facilities for emerging businesses.

ARCC Futures

ARCC Futures is all about investing in tomorrow. We have several small businesses based at our Cambridgeshire headquarters to whom we have offered guidance, mentoring, resources and facilities to enable them to get the start they deserve. As we expand, we are always on the hunt for new and upcoming businesses who would benefit from our help. If ARCC sounds like the place where your business could flourish, then please submit your interest here and we can start a conversation.

ARCC Development

As a place which is all about continuously improving, we always have projects on-the-go. Read more about the latest development going on at ARCC below.

ARCC Folding Bike

The ARCC folding bike makes use of cutting-edge technology to offer unparalleled performance.

Currently under development, with a patent application being processed, it combines a unique folding method with ultra-high spec materials and componentry to offer a bicycle which can fold without compromise.

ARCC Intelligent Power Wheelchair

The upcoming ARCC Intelligent Power Wheelchair which utilises the already proven ARCC intelligent power system is currently under development.

The chair will apply all of the well-established software and hardware in the e²-pod system and use them in an innovative way to create the most intelligent electrical assist chair on the market.

ARCC Pavilions

We are currently in the process of expanding our ARCC site to include new eco-friendly buildings to house new and upcoming entrepreneurs in Cambridge and it's surrounding areas.

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