e²-pod Intelligent Drive System Conversion

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Please email us at info@arcc.co.uk to book your retrofit.

If your bike isn't listed in the drop down menu, you can contact us at info@arcc.co.uk to enquire about a bespoke fitting. Please send a detailed description of your bike along with any images you have, to help our experts determine whether the e²-pod can be fitted to your bicycle.

Fitted at the ARCC headquarters by our experts and currently available for Abington, Airnimal Joey, Brompton, Cinelli, Moulton TSR and Rosemont bikes; the e²-pod Intelligent Drive System is all you need to upgrade to a well-tuned electric bike. 

Designed and built by our experts at ARCC, both the first and second generation of the e²-pod Intelligent Drive System use a readily available Bosch battery, have a range of up to 40 kilometres and boast a unique function in its ‘launch control’ which provides the rider with a three-second boost, to help in moving away from traffic lights and crossings in heavy traffic. 

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