Why own an E-bike in 2020?

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Why own an E-bike in 2020?

Electric bikes have seen a strong uptake in sales in recent months. This is partly as a result of an expansion in the cycling industry, particularly following growing awareness of environmental change after the climate protests of last year. But the new challenges presented by coronavirus, to personal health and public transportation, have led more and more people to look to alternative means of getting around and going to work, whilst also seeking to hold onto lockdown's recent benefits of reduced motor vehicle use.

With better air quality and lower noise levels across cities, urban planners have made note of these advantages too. In London, for example, plans for a tenfold increase in cycling routes, with wider pavements and more zero-emissions zones, are designed to both accommodate for social distancing and a place a greater emphasis on cycling in the future city centre.

At the same time, and especially noticeable over the past decade, has been growing interest in eEike technology. Sophisticated and reliable, ARCC Bikes have been at the forefront of this industry, and our bikes are part of an important step in tackling emissions and post-Covid transportation. But there are many other benefits of owning an electric bike, both public and private, for which ARCC has compiled a comprehensive list of advantages.


Using your electric bike to commute to work can save you significant travel costs. By comparison with motor vehicles, there are few associated costs of owning an electric bike, which also extend beyond just saving money on fuel and car insurance. For example, if you work in an urban centre, there is no need to worry about parking or paying a congestion charge when using an eBike. Neither is a license required in the United Kingdom to own and use an eBike.

With public transport use down during the pandemic, urban planners fear that, as offices continue to open, increased car commuting could see the cities clogged. This could throw up numerous problems, not just limited to environmental detriment, but could also hamper the successful restarting of economies.

Global institutes have also noted the importance of the eBike industry to the future of sustainable and green technologies, in terms of job creation and promoting low-carbon vehicles.


Alongside improving air quality, there are a range of health benefits to using an eBike. Studies have confirmed that riders are more likely to go further and ride more often on their electric bikes than their conventional counterparts, with electric bike usage per week almost double that of regular bikes.

This is because the aid of the motor means longer rides are less physically strenuous and more enjoyable. But the advantages of exercise, including cardiovascular health, weight loss and stress relief, remain.

The traditional dangers of cycling on the road are alleviated with an electric motor too. For example, most cycling accidents occur at junctions and traffic stops. This is usually because a regular bike cannot match the acceleration of a motor vehicle in those crucial moments when moving off. But the electric motor of an ARCC electric bike provides instant acceleration via its launch control system, meaning you can get quickly get ahead of the traffic.

Additionally, knowing that your electric bike can instantly regain its momentum means you would be more inclined to slow down when it might be necessary, like when coming to a crossroads or navigating a bend.

Lastly, combustion engine vehicles in urban settings have an average speed of less than ten miles per hour. An ARCC eBike can achieve a speed of twelve miles per hour on the flat within three seconds, working up to a maximum of fifteen miles per hour, meaning you can keep up with the flow of traffic, and vehicles will be less inclined to attempt a potentially dangerous overtake.


For those who have put cycling by the wayside, whether it be because of age-related difficulties, or other reasons, an eBike can provide you with a new lease of freedom, and rekindle a lost love for the activity.

Many current owners of eBikes purchased their models for these reasons, such as wanting to keep up with their partner or social cycling club, as well as those who simply want to be able to go further, faster, and for longer, on their bike.

Tackling difficult journeys, and dealing with steep hills or strong head and crosswinds along the way, can dissuade many from cycling. Going to work by bike, for example, could mean arriving very warm and out of breath if the distance is far or the roads are difficult.

But with the assistance of ARCC's Intelligent Drive Pod, your strain is under your complete control. This means that, not only will not you not have to break a sweat on the way to work, but you can tackle further distances and steeper terrain, whilst being able to carry more weight on your bike. Cycling to work would not be as daunting as it sounds with your eBike.


Emissions are inevitably released in the manufacture of an electric bike, including its lithium battery, and in the production of electricity needed to charge it. But, like other electric vehicles, an electric bike is a zero-emissions vehicle once on the road.

In terms of what this means in real carbon dioxide levels emitted, an eBike emits around twenty grams per kilometre, whereas a car produces more than ten times this. But on the short trips that cars are often used for, such as going to work or ships, the emissions level can often get much higher, and are the major reason for poor air quality in urban centres. Not to mention the problem of noise levels, that push wildlife away from city green spaces.

Lastly, both regular and electric bikes are much lighter than combustion engine vehicles. Switching to an electric bike would go towards alleviating wear on public roads, which would then require less repairs and demand for the use of heavy machinery to maintain them.

Converting your bike to electric

Deciding to switch to an eBike need not be a matter of purchasing a completely new model, although ARCC stocks them, including its own range of Abington and Rosemont town bikes. Experiencing all the benefits of owning an eBike listed above, from economic to environmental and personal health, can be possible with your current model. And ARCC offers bespoke electric conversions for this purpose.

Fitting our Intelligent Drive Pod at our Cambridge site takes just hours and allows you to add a completely new dimension to your cycling experience.

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