The Health Benefits of Electric Bikes

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The Health Benefits of Electric Bikes

The fact that cycling can improve fitness levels is undisputed, but when it comes to electric bikes, even though the action is exactly the same, there are those who are still incredulous of eBikes offering any physical challenge. See ARCC Bikes' article on why that is not the case.

But what health benefits does using an electric bike provide? The short answer is a lot. From improving cardiovascular and lung function, building muscle mass and warding off mental illness, eBikes give a wide variety of health advantages.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Regular exercise is essential to preventing coronary and vascular conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and strokes. Using an eBike will, just like a normal bike, require physical exertion, which will increase your heart rate and cause your blood vessels to dilate. This improves cardiac function and lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels, all of which are compounding factors in the health issues listed above.

Cycling can help reduce body fat, which is also essential to healthy hearts, but repeatedly using a normal bike as part of your regular exercise regime can be gruelling and maybe lead to burnout. Electric bikes on the other-hand can be the cornerstone of a more sustainable plan for losing weight.

Muscle Mass

Cycling is a great way of building muscle mass in your legs and conditioning a strong core, but it can also put great strain on your joints. For younger cyclists, this may not be a problem, but for older riders, who might find movement not as easy because of conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis or lower back issues, this can be quite painful.

The motor on an eBike can keep the level of joint strain at a continuous level, allowing you to work out longer and build more muscle, and not have to worry about aches and stiffness the next day. This means you can get back on your eBike and go cycling once again.

Lung Capacity

A regular regime of moderate exercise can improve lung capacity by gradually increasing the volume of air your body can process. This can improve your overall quality of life by reducing instances of breathlessness. However, normal cycling can sometimes be too strenuous for those with conditions that affect breathing, like cystic fibrosis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Electric bikes can help here, by managing the amount of stress your lungs are enduring with the assistance of the motor. Many of those people with conditions like CF have been able to get back to the activity they love with the help of an eBike.


For those with existing health conditions, including people who have suffered from heart attacks and or strokes or are suffering from cancer and neurological problems, an eBike can allow you to enjoy cycling once again. But even for those without any impairment, an electric bike makes any cycling route, whether it be as part of your commute or for pleasure, significantly more manageable. Age, hills, long distances, or fitness need not come into consideration with the help of an eBike.

Mental Health

Endless studies have indicated the benefits for mood and self-esteem from exercise, but recent ones have noted that this especially the case with eBikes. As well as being important for increasing blood flow to the brain, which prevents the early onset of conditions like dementia, studies have also shown that eBikes are a great way of promoting cycling amongst women, whilst also encouraging those people who already cycle to go on longer rides.

With such varied health benefits from cycling, alongside being a form of exercise that can be accessed by anyone, the novelty of the motor means that riding an eBike is simply more fun than a conventional bicycle, which is perhaps its greatest advantage. Come in for a test drive at ARCC Bikes to see for yourself.

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