The ARCC Moulton® TSR: Classic Design, Advanced Technology

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The ARCC Moulton® TSR: Classic Design, Advanced Technology

Standing the test of time, the revolutionary Moulton® design remains a staple of classic British style and ingenuity. First drawn up in the late 1950s following Dr. Alex Moulton's ground-breaking work on the rubber cone suspension used in the Mini, the Moulton® bike's defining principles have remained unchanged for over 60 years.

With its small wheels and high-pressure tyres, coupled with full suspension and the unbeaten stiffness of its space-frame construction, the Moulton® offers superior ride comfort, speed, and stability.

The small wheels, which are light, stiff and strong, are designed to reduce the bike's drag and have low inertia, allowing for quicker acceleration than conventional bikes. The Moulton's® special gearing accommodates for its smaller wheels, which means you do not need to pedal faster than larger-wheeled bikes. Additionally, the small wheels give the Moulton® a low centre of gravity, giving the bike greater stability and making it an excellent choice for carrying luggage.

Its iconic space-frame construction gives the Moulton® great strength and stiffness whilst also reducing weight. Thanks to the bike's rubber-cone suspension, this stiffness does not compromise on ride comfort but instead improves traction and reduces rolling resistance. 

Built to require little to no maintenance, the Moulton® is very durable and, being available in a range of configurations, suitable for racing, touring, and commuting, means the Moulton® is truly a bike built for all occasions.The ARCC Moulton TSR

At ARCC Bikes, Moulton’s® classic engineering meets technological advancement. Like Dr. Moulton for bike design in the middle of the twentieth century, ARCC Bikes has redefined e-bike retrofitting with the Intelligent Drive Pod conversion kit.

Designed and fabricated at our Research and Development Centre in Cambridgeshire, the pod comes with state-of-the-art motor and sensor technology, and fits sturdily and discretely to the Moulton® TSR.

The pod equips the already superb bike with several innovative features. This includes a highly sensitive torque pedal sensor, which allows for far more responsive power control than the usual-cadence driven system. As well as an inclinometer/accelerometer which can almost instantaneously detect gradient changes and adjust motor output accordingly. This means riding up a hill gives the sensation of riding on a flat stretch.

The pod also comes with a launch control function, which provides three seconds of maximum acceleration when moving away from lights and crossings in heavy traffic. It also features unique Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for wireless control of the system’s power levels via the handlebar-mounted controller.

Customise your ARCC Moulton® TSR to suit your lifestyle and exacting needs. Choose from a range of individual bike parts, including SRAM Automatix, Sturmey Archer, Shimano and Rohloff gearing, standard and quick release pedals, and Continental and Schwalbe tyres. Available also are many frame colours as well as options for bag racks, saddles, and mudguards. Additionally, all ARCC Moulton® TSR bikes come fitted with a spare battery holder as standard.

With a five-year warranty from ARCC, the pod system is constantly regulated by a committed team of technicians. Experience the Intelligent Drive Pod yourself on a test ride at our facility, or build your own bespoke ARCC Moulton® TSR today on our bike-builder.  

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  • William Allbrook

    Hi, I have a Moulton APB and was wondering whether I could use the e2-pod Intelligent Drive System conversion kit with my bike and if so how much would it cost?


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