The ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod: Frequently Asked Questions


The ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod: Frequently Asked Questions

For those interested in an ARCC conversion, our experts have compiled a helpful list of the most frequent questions they receive concerning the system, our bikes, eBikes and our customer service.

What makes the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod stand out from other comparable conversion kits?

ARCC Bikes makes use of Bluetooth technology to provide control whilst you're on the move. The pod is also fitted with a launch control feature which enables a swift and safe get-a-way from a standing start.

Our system uses torque sensor technology which provides a smoother and more intuitive ride than a cadence sensor. We also have an in-built inclinometer-accelerometer which detects hills and gives the sensation when tackling a steep incline as if you are riding on a flat.

The pod is compatible with most Brompton bags and is powered with Bosch batteries, which are easy to replace and easy to carry extra in your bag for longer trips.

What is included in the Intelligent Drive Pod?

Our electric system consists of the Intelligent pod controller, a 4.0Ah Bosch battery, a battery covery, a battery charger, a Bluetooth controller (available in black, silver, red and blue), Bluetooth controller cradle, a charging cable, and a spare battery holder. There are also accessories available like larger batteries.

Can I fit it myself?

No - our experts must receive your bike to fit the Intelligent Drive Pod.

Can it be fitted to any bike?

No - currently the system is compatible with Moulton TSRs, Bromptons, Abingtons, Rosemonts and Airnimal Joeys, but we can offer bespoke fittings in certain instances. If you get in touch with us via with a description of your bike along with some photographs, we can provide a consultation - previous bespoke bike retrofits include a Recumbent and The PF Mobility Side-By-Side Trike.

What about delivery?

Customers interested in an conversion can email our team and arrange a pick-up date, with a pick-up fee of £50.00 (Brompton: £20.99) - the customer can also choose to drop off their bike. 

Once we have finished converting the bike, we then deliver the retrofitted bike back (again, can be done by the customer) for a delivery fee of £50.00 (Brompton: £20.99). 

Please note that we only ship to addresses in the United Kingdom and are unable to ship to PO Boxes, British Forces Post Office (BFPO), Channel Islands or Isle of Man.

How long does the battery last?

There are multiple factors that affect battery range, including but not limited to road profile, battery size, chosen power setting and riding style. Our eBikes will give a typical range between 35-75km depending on the battery chosen. 

Bosch have a useful calculator for helping determine how your journey will affect your battery life.

Does it need much maintenance?

The system has been designed to require little maintenance from the user. The pod and controller are waterproof, and the motor is sealed for life.

The pod and our bikes come with a five-year warranty, and if you convert your Brompton then we take on the remainder of the Brompton warranty. 

You can find all up to date information and user guides on our Technical Information page here.

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