Retrofitting your Brompton with ARCC: Frequently Asked Questions


Retrofitting your Brompton with ARCC: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some topics we are frequently asked by our customers on retrofitting their Brompton bikes with our system:

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Warranty – the Brompton Bicycle company has a policy of invalidating warranties when their bikes are retrofitted with an electric kit. That is why when you choose to retrofit your Brompton with the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod, ARCC honours the remainder of your warranty from Brompton – we also guarantee the system with a five-year warranty on the pod itself. 

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Brake Switches ARCC Bikes ensures the safety of your ARCC-converted Brompton by using brake switches. These devices ensure that when you engage the brakes, the motor will be immediately deactivated, allowing you always to come to a controlled stop.

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Front Fork Testing – We are aware that there are some concerns amongst Brompton owners that fitting a motor will put strain/weight on the front forks, potentially leading to structural failure. We have tested our system and retrofitting over several years against the directive BS EN 15194:2017 (electrically power assisted cycles/EPAC bicycles), conducted in-house at our Cambridgeshire site, to make sure the front forks are compatible with our system.

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Power Delivery – Our sophisticated torque sensor and accelerometer/inclinometer ensure that the power delivery is smooth and progressive, with no jerkiness or sudden drops/spikes in motor output.

Electric Brompton bag

Brompton Bag compatibility -- Our bag conversion kit is compatible with most Brompton bags. We ask you to send the bag you want converting to ARCC Bikes, and our technicians will carry out the conversion here. Once fitted, we will then send the converted bag back to you.

You can see our other FAQs here.

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