Motor Sport Magazine's Product of the Month: ARCC Moulton TSR Electric

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Motor Sport Magazine's Product of the Month: ARCC Moulton TSR Electric

ARCC Bikes is very pleased to announce that the ARCC Moulton® TSR Electric has appeared in Motor Sport Magazine’s latest edition (October 2020) as its Product of the Month. Placed alongside bespoke Italian leather travel bags, automotive-inspired modern art, powerboats, and trainers made for racing, it is a pleasure to see our electric Moulton® listed amongst such prestigious products.

See what Motor Sport had to say about the ARCC pod below:

Pedal Power: a new type of intuitive electric bike tech is taking the strain out of cycling.


Forget all-in-one Lycra, the latest must-have accessory for cyclists, whether on Boris Bikes or Bromptons, is a battery pack. And proof that as the tech improves so does the experience, is this modified Moulton from ARCC Bikes.

It features an innovative power unit that senses when the rider is in need of an extra push and delivers it via a 250w motor built into the front wheel hub. Take it to Le Mans and you’d be the envy of the campsite as you cruise effortlessly around La Sarthe. The power system, called the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod, is unusual in that while it has a conventional torque sensor power output mode – meaning power increases in line with the rider’s exertion – it also has a built in accelerometer. This, coupled with clever software, means it can recognise hills and gradients and then provide automatic compensation by increasing and decreasing power delivery.

The result is a far smoother and more intuitive ride than conventional systems. The set-up is navigated via a portable Bluetooth controller that clips neatly onto the handlebar and allows the rider to select power levels as well as activate a launch mode which gives full power delivered for three seconds from standstill – ostensibly allowing safe and easy getaway from traffic lights, but useful for cheap thrill seekers, too.

The 1.3kg Bosch battery has a range of around 30 miles and charges in around 50 minutes. In extensive testing by Motor Sport (full disclosure, ARCC is an affiliate company to ours) the system worked flawlessly, taking the idea of electric bikes to an entirely new level. It can be retrofitted to other bike models as well as ARCC’s own designs.

From £3244,

With the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod making this a truly ‘smart’ bike, Moulton’s renowned name already marks this bike as a luxurious piece of British engineering; from its design principles, technological innovation and overall aesthetic. The bike's small wheels, iconic space-frame construction and rubber-cone suspension give the Moulton® a low centre of gravity, great stability, and superior ride comfort. Built for any occasion, from racing, touring, and commuting, the ARCC Moulton® TSR Electric would fit in on the streets of London or out in the countryside.

Available in a range of configurations, including SRAM Automatix, Sturmey Archer, Shimano and Rohloff gearing, standard and quick release pedals, and Continental and Schwalbe tyres, the ARCC Moulton® TSR Electric comes in many frame colours and with options for bag racks, saddles, and mudguards. Additionally, all ARCC Moulton® TSR Electric bikes are fitted with a spare battery holder as standard.

Build your ARCC Moulton® TSR Electric today.

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