Luggage options for bikes

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Luggage options for bikes

ARCC Bikes understands the ability to carry luggage can play a huge part in choosing a bike - indeed, e-bikes are built for adventures and long journeys, on which being able to take things like food, spare batteries, a jacket, etc. is essential.

That is why ARCC Bikes stocks multiple options for luggage carriers, as well as engineering innovative bag racks ourselves to make sure our e-bikes can get you from A to B with everything you need.

Below is a comprehensive list at what offerings for baggage carriers we have on each of our electric bikes.


The Brompton folding bike is brilliant for commuting, so a Brompton that can carry luggage enhances the bike even more.

There are many options available for Brompton luggage carriers, including folding baskets, touring panniers, messenger-style flip-over bags as well as leather cases.

However, the front block (where these bags would normally sit), on an ARCC-converted bike is where the pod is located. Therefore, we have designed our own modification to get around this (as not only an eBike retailer but also a design studio, ARCC Bikes has access to state-of-the-art facilities, allowing it to readily conceptualize, machine and produce components that improve its premium products.)

As most Brompton bags have the same internal luggage frame design, ARCC Bikes produced a universal conversion kit that is compatible with most Brompton bags, allowing the rider to continue to use their beloved Brompton bag along with the pod.

A small modification to the bag is made in order to allow the wire to feed through, via a 3D-printed bracket, into the bag itself. Once fitted, the bag will slide on and off the pod easily, with the battery and its adapter stored within the bag itself.

See the video below for further details:

We ask you to send the bag you want converting to ARCC Bikes, and our technicians will carry out the conversion here. Once fitted, we will then send the converted bag back to you.


As the other small-wheeled bike ARCC Bikes converts to electric, the Moulton TSR faced the same problem as the Brompton, with the traditional mounting point for the bike's front luggage rack being replaced by the pod. But again, another solution was engineered to get around this, resulting in the ARCC Moulton® TSR Front Pannier Carrier.

Machined and welded on site here in Cambridge, the ARCC Moulton® TSR Front Pannier Carrier can be used in junction with the Intelligent Drive Pod and accommodates for two small Moulton front panniers, as well as a mounting plate, which can be used for a bottle cage or a spare battery holder.

With the ARCC Moulton® TSR Front Pannier Carrier, the bike's potential range is greatly expanded, upgrading the ARCC Moulton® TSR Electric to an out-and-out touring bike.

 luggage carrier

We also have many options for rear luggage, including the Moulton TSR rear day bag and rear day rack combination as well as the full rack.

Abington and Rosemont

Currently, ARCC Bikes offers luggage space at the rear of the Abington and Rosemont town bikes thanks to the tortec racks we have in stock, which can be fitted in black or in silver.

However, we are also working on our own rack, which will be available in multiple colours.

tortec rack

All our currently luggage options are available on the accessories part of our webshop.

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