ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod listed in ebiketip's best conversion kits

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ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod listed in ebiketip's best conversion kits

ARCC Bikes is very pleased to have recently appeared on ebiketips' shortlist of the best eBike conversion kits currently available, compiled by electric bike expert, Richard Peace.

You can see all Richard had to say on ebiketips, along with the other kits selected, or read below for more information on the Intelligent Drive Pod.

The best e-bike conversion kits

How easy is it to turn your regular bike into an e-bike? And how much will it cost you?

Electric bike kits are an often overlooked option. If you have a bike ready to fit one, they can certainly be an economical option - but there are also some remarkably sophisticated kits out there too. These may be pricier, but they can give you a higher quality of electric bike than if you had just splashed the same cash on an off-the-peg one.

There might be other compelling reasons to think about retrofitting. Your old bike might fit you like a glove or you might just be sentimentally attached to it but feel an electric boost will get you out and about on it more.

Although there are now electric versions of most genres of bike, some of the more rarefied designs still don’t offer a huge choice and the ready-made options out there can either cost many thousands or be rather crude and heavy. Recumbents, trikes and fat bikes spring to mind.

Easier to fit kits can also be used to swap between bikes if you feel like a change or can simply be removed if you feel like going back to the ‘analogue’ bike experience (we are generally talking about front hub motor kits here).

Once upon a time lightweight electric bikes were unheard of but nowadays there are quite a number of sub-15kg eBikes around. However, these tend to be pretty pricey or single speed machines with very modestly sized batteries. With some electric kits adding not much more than 3kg, a high quality eBike weighing 10-12kg may now be within your financial reach.

ARCC - from £1,799

ARCC produce a small, lightweight and high tech kit based around a geared front hub motor, UK manufacturing many of the components they have designed themselves.

They use small capacity Bosch powertool batteries which are mounted in the ‘Intelligent Drive Unit’ that is permanently fixed to the head tube, minimising the cable run to the front wheel motor (though it does all make the bike rather front heavy). An extra battery can be frame mounted using ARCC’s own bespoke battery holder. Perhaps the most impressive element of the kit is the wireless handlebar unit used to control power settings.

There are Brompton specific options, disc and rim brake options and the system comes with a five year warranty on the ARCC system and a one year warranty on the batteries.

ARCC do not allow ‘home fitting’ and you need to send or take the recipient bike to ARCC in Cambridge. If you want a complete bike then ARCC sell a small range of these too, including Moultons and their own-manufactured Abington and Rosemont town bikes. Ebiketips has already reviewed their electric version of the Abington.

The kit itself adds just under 4kg to the overall weight of the bike, including a 144Wh battery (216Wh batteries are also available from ARCC and 324Wh ones from third party sellers).

ARCC say early 2022 should see the launch of a new app (on both iOS and Android) and a new version of the handlebar control unit with a screen and more ride data.

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