Benefits of the e-pod Intelligent Drive System

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Benefits of the e-pod Intelligent Drive System

Our eBike retrofit kit is unique in its sophistication and build-quality. With advanced sensors and unbeaten responsiveness, here are some of its advantages.

Control On-the-Go

Fitted with a handlebar-mounted Bluetooth controller, the rider can switch between power modes and change the level of assistance on the fly. The exact power output at each level can also be set remotely using an iOS device with the free e²-pod app.

Launch Mode

Providing maximum power for three seconds, launch mode gets you ahead of the pack. Activated by applying both brakes and putting pressure on the left pedal and then depressing the brakes, this boost is extremely helpful at junctions and lights, giving you a head start on traffic.

Hill Detection

A sensitive inclinometer-accelerometer detects steep climbs and adjusts power output accordingly, giving the sensation of riding on a flat stretch even when tackling tough hills.

Torque Sensor

Equipped with a highly-accurate torque sensor and a cadence meter, the road profile and rider's power inform the responsive motor output. This is more sensitive to real world conditions, providing an intuitive and smooth action which is tailored to your riding style.

Brake switches

When the brakes are engaged, the electronic brake switches immediately deactivate the motor. This ensures you always are in control of your bike and can come to a safe stop whenever you need to.


The e-pod Intelligent Drive System only adds 3.9kg to the weight of the bike. When fitted to a Brompton, you can still easily fold your bike and take it up stairs, on the tube, to your desk, etc. It also has very little leads which are neatly tucked to the frame by bespoke cable clips.

Bosch Battery

The e-pod Intelligent Drive System uses Bosch batteries as a power source. These are inexpensive and can be bought from most hardware stores. They are very hardy, and have been rated to work after a 3m drop onto concrete (they also come with their own two-year guarantee from Bosch). Compatible with 4.0Ah, 6.0Ah and 9.0Ah Bosch batteries, they charge in 35-50mins dependant on the charger.

Brompton Bag compatibility

The system can be used with most Brompton bags thanks to a special adaptor, so you can carry spare batteries and other essentials with ease.

5-year warranty

The e-pod Intelligent Drive System itself is highly robust. Most of the components are CNC-machined from solid billets of 5083 grade Alplan aluminium alloy. This is highly durable and resistant to corrosion, and the pieces are polished, hard anodised and weather-sealed. The e-pod also comes with a five-year guarantee from ARCC Bikes and if you retrofit your Brompton, we will honour the remainder of your existing warranty.

Engineered in Cambridge

Designed, prototyped, and manufactured by ARCC Bikes here at the ARCC Innovations Research & Development site in the Cambridgeshire Tech Cluster, the e-pod Intelligent Drive System is precision-made utilising the best in CNC-machining and additive manufacturing.

Constantly regulated and updated by a committed team of technicians and product designers, the e-pod Intelligent Drive System is rigorously tested to a global standard.

To experience the e-pod Intelligent Drive System, visit our test-ride page to book a session today, or find out more about the system here.

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