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ARCC Electric Moulton APB

The Moulton APB bike turns electric with the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod!

We were delighted at ARCC to be asked to retrofit this iconic bike, signed by Alex Moulton with our electrical system.


The ultimate all-rounder

Designed in the 1990s, the Moulton APB (All Purpose Bicycle) was the first ultimate all-rounder bike, intended to be ridden on any terrain - whether in cities, on country lanes or across trails and bridleways. 

Inspired by the legendary AM series and using both a streamlined frame and simplified manufacturing techniques, Alex Moulton ensured the APB was accessible and appropriate for a much wider audience at a much lower price.

First e-APB

In September, we welcomed Arthur Smith, the owner of this first demo Moulton APB - 20-speed, Shimano 105 series and Reynolds 531 steel. Arthur brought this rare bike to be converted to an e-bike using the high-quality ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod system.


Electrify your Moulton with ARCC!

If you have a Moulton which you would like to have retrofitted into an e-bike, click here or email

Free test rides on already-converted Moultons are available in London or Cambridge on request (book your test ride here).

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