Brompton bike with ARCC Electric Conversion

ARCC Electric Conversion Kit for Brompton

The ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod is available for folding bikes, including any Brompton model, with ARCC providing a 5-Year Warranty.

Sit back and let us convert your commuting bike to electric at our Cambridgeshire headquarters.

Convert your bike now

Orange Electric Moulton bike

ARCC Moulton® TSR Electric

The world's most advanced bicycle frame meets the world's most innovative power system. The Moulton® bicycle, with its outstanding efficiency, speed, comfort and responsiveness, can be fully integrated as an e-bike with the unique ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod.

Available in a range of colours and gearing options.

Buy an Electric Moulton now

Convert your Moulton to electric

Yellow Abington Electric city touring bike


The Abington is a sleek and sporty town bike designed by ARCC, providing a smooth and responsive ride alongside a low-maintenance and lightweight frame with top-spec components.

Choose your colours and gearing options.

Buy now:

Standard Abington

Abington Electric

Blue Rosemont Electric city bike


The Rosemont is a stylish, step-through town bike designed by ARCC, combining the elegance and poise of a bygone era with state-of-the-art engineering.

Choose the colour and gears

Buy now:

Standard Rosemont

Rosemont Electric

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Testimonials and Reviews

An eBike with an efficient, well-tested motor and top-notch parts.

The London Cyclist

A high-tech ‘Rolls-Royce’ system.

Cycle Magazine

I have now covered over a thousand stress free miles on this new electric hybrid. It has made an everyday roundtrip commute of up to twenty two miles a breeze.

Edward Hall - Artistic Director Hampstead Theatre

The beautifully made ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod works like magic, giving you extra oomph just when you need it, and now I actively seek short cuts across hills and don’t get left behind at the traffic lights turns Notting Hill into Nothing Hill.'

Sebastian Conran

 I’ve tried the bike on some steep London gradients and it changes a big sweat into a very light pleasant body heat. You do get a bit of proper exercise, unlike some electric bikes, but you get a lot more immediate payback for your effort.

Thomas Teichman

The way in which the power delivery system has been integrated into the existing architecture of the Moulton is excellent. I actually find myself grinning when moving from stationary as the ‘launch assist’ kicks in.

Alex Greenway

Two heart attacks have left me with a damaged heart but with this system I am now again able to ride with my club-mates.

George White

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